Quality fit for medical professionals

Canon XEED WUX5000D Projector
Optical perfection

Expect nothing but sharp, crystal clear images from the XEED WUX6000D projector. Its advanced DICOM imaging and WUXGA resolution produces stunning radiographic images. Explore the bigger picture with large vertical and horizontal shift capabilities for a faster installation process.

Canon XEED WUX5000
  • HIRES image icon

    Bright, detailed projection

    Offering an exceptional 5700 lumens, the XEED WX6000 is the ideal LCOS installation projector, offering native WXGA+ (1440x900) high resolution.

  • DICOM icon

    DICOM compliant

    Reproduce images in Blue-base or Clear-base colour temperature in DICOM Mode - ensuring images are accurately reproduced expressing the subtle differences in colour tone.

  • Flexible connectivity icon

    Flexible to connect and operate

    DVI and HDMI terminals let you project HD digital images and video; while network and RS232C ports allow easy connections to your room control system and LAN.

  • LCOS technology for precision graphics icon

    LCOS panel technology

    The 0.7 LCOS panel, along with the Canon AISYS optical system benefits from 16:10 projection and a high aperture ratio to ensure smooth images.

  • Save time and money with inhouse assistant

    Save costs, reduce emissions

    At less than 0.08 watts per luminescence unit, the XEED WX6000D power consumption is one of the best in the industry.

  • Interchangable motorised lenses icon

    Select your ideal lens

    Four interchangeable high precision lenses plus multiple zoom functionalities of 1.5x zoom, wide angle, 1.7x long zoom and 1.95x ultra zoom maintain image quality even in large spaces.

  • Accuracy down to half a pixel icon

    Unmatched lens quality

    Installation projectors need highly accurate lenses, the XEED WX6000D offers both superior images and maximum light output. Advanced install features showcase your images to1/3 pixel accuracy.

  • High resolution images icon

    You're in control

    Get more control over image presentation with individual RGB control, 6-Axis Colour and Gamma Detail adjustment for exceptional image matching that's close to professionally calibrated devices.