Go hands-free, automatically with eMaintenance

Now you don’t need to wait till things go wrong to get Canon on the job. eMaintenance is designed to take the load off by letting Canon proactively manage and maintain your fleet for you from afar. 

red tick With eMetering your fleet polices itself

Taking MFD meter readings and logging them every day would be a massive waste of your department’s time and would inevitably lead to inaccurate reporting. eMetering eliminates this hassle by sending daily meter readings from every machine directly to Canon. 

red tick With eConsumables you’ll stay topped-up without thinking about it

When you notice toner running out, it could already be too late. With eConsumables, your MFD stays in contact with Canon Australia and we monitor toner consumption closely for you.

red tick Spend less time on hold, with eMonitoring

When you experience a fault, eMonitoring comes in to support you. With this, your MFD's automatically send fault notifications to Canon Australia via email and our Customer Care contacts you to identify the fault and initiates a solution. Less talking, more fixing.
Fleet sailing in the ocean
Monitor & manage your fleet automatically, anywhere

With eMaintenance you can watch over your Canon fleet & keep your system running strong whether you’re in the office, or not. Remove the need to manually check on a device with a hands-off software solution tailored to your business that lets you improve productivity & efficiency. Take the remote-control option for everything from stock levels to billing- reducing waste & saving money.

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