Get accurate fleet data, so you can develop and measure resource management plans

The only way to successfully manage resources, is to have clear and accurate data in order to develop a successful plan, and more importantly, be able to measure your results.

iW Accounting Manager for MEAP gives you complete visibility on what the business is printing, copying, scanning, and faxing - by user or department ID. Output can be tracked by colour and black-and-white output, by paper size, paper type, even count pages – so you have a full transparency of who is using what, and when.
Army of ants
Turn your devices into an army of accountants

Get rid of guesswork and gain control of your print environment with iW Accounting Manager for MEAP. This software will give your devices the power to keep a watchful eye on everything that gets printed, copied, faxed or scanned. Access customisable reports via a web interface, analyse in real time and save money by keeping tabs on who does what and when.

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