iW Desktop: Canon's desktop publishing software

A quick & easy way to create stunning, functional documents

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Create documents faster, and get back precious time

iW Desktop lets you create, edit and convert documents, saving you precious time that was once lost to manually doing each task. Combine forces with Canon MFD, and you have a powerful solution that gives you complete documents with stapling, hole punching, folding and more. It will give you a print preview with all of the selected finishing options applied, so you have visibility before you print.

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  • Edit PDF icon

    Get a handle on your PDFs

    Change the way you handle your documents by creating searchable pdfs, adding a signature or a digital/date stamp. You can even hide confidential information via the redaction function.

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    Make it personal

    Personalised flyers or letters are easy because you can print variable data, simply drag and drop variable text fields and personalised versions will be created from the excel or CSV file.

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    More than a folder

    Improve your workflow by creating hot folders that link to a particular person. When you receive documents from that person, you will be notified that the documents has arrived.

  • Create and save creative template icon

    Our templates have you covered

    To save you time, iW Desktop has created templates for commonly used finishing options such as booklet or brochure finishing, or if you’re feeling creative you can create and share your own templates.

  • Fast printing icon

    Quick printing

    Take a printing shortcut and drag your document over the desktop widget, select a finishing template and send the job straight to the printer.

  • Edit PDF icon

    Take your PDF's to the next level

    iW Desktop lets you create, compress, encrypt and edit pdfs. You can also mark up pdfs with comments, highlight text, strike through and underline text to improve the proofing process.

  • Quality document images icon

    The painful days of reformatting are over

    Drag and drop content from almost any file type (such as word, excel, powerpoint, pdf and jpeg) and iW Desktop will combine everything into one document, that is now fully editable.

  • Preview review and track icon

    What you see is what you get

    Using the application with your Canon MFD, you can see you can see hole punch placements, stapling options, header/footer positions and review exactly how the documents will look before pressing print.

Put a stop to the manual handling

Combining documents sourced from different file formats is time consuming, frustrating to format and the finished product looks like a document Frankenstein. iW Desktop lets you combine documents from various file formats and easily edit them simply by dragging and dropping.

red tick See it for what it is

Apply finishing options to your documents such as stapling, hole punching and folding, then turn to the advanced preview function to show you exactly what the document will look like with all its finishing options applied.

red tick Never lose your faxed documents again

iW Desktop converts any incoming faxes into a digital format so you can review them without leaving your desk. This eliminates any ‘accidental pick ups’ from the printer and also allows you to delete any unneeded documents.