imageWARE Secure Audit Manager (iW SAM)

Stay on guard. Capture, archive & audit device activities

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Turn your devices into watchdogs & keep your information out of the wrong hands

Sadly, you can’t trust everyone. imageWARE Secure Audit Manager (iW SAM) keeps every employee honest by making leaks very traceable. With it, every Canon device becomes an information security guard. Capturing, logging and archiving everything about each job - such as time, date, user, destination, and text data - making it easy to search and find.

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    Centralised management

    iW SAM lets you iron clad control on security from a centralised Web Management Console. You can make system-wide changes without leaving your chair – saving time and cost!

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    Choose what you want to watch out for

    Are there some things you worry about more than others? You can choose to record any combination of copy, print, send fax, receive fax, and scan/send in three different time periods for any device.

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    Different rules for different divisions

    If you have divisions with varying sensitivity iW SAM lets you customise what you record, down to the department. Different keywords & monitoring settings can be made for different groups of devices.

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    Eagle-eye security with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Spot anything illegal in seconds. With OCR you can process all recorded jobs & then search for suspicious keywords in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Japanese & pick up irregularities.

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    Plugs into uniFLOW to make security more watertight

    Where are your weak points? When used together with uniFLOW, imageWARE Secure Audit Manager can raise the alarm when specific keywords are printed, scanned, faxed, copied, or sent.

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    Won’t monopolise your bandwidth

    You don’t want your system slowing down at the wrong moment. imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express lets you set up the right time for data transfers – either periodically or according to a schedule.


Remove the worry of internal information leaks 

iW SAM is run from a secure location out of reach of all employees, which means they can’t see how it works. Once they are aware of it, it acts as an invisible deterrent that makes people think twice about leaking important information. 

red tick Follow the trail. Know who’s printing what and when 

iW SAM captures job attribute information such as who sent it, when it was sent, and the document image. It also extracts text data from the document and provides a complete and detailed audit trail. 

red tick Maximum compliance

iW SAM provideds complete audit trail of content and attribute information over your imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imageRUNNER system activities, which helps promote regulatory compliance and compliance with industry standards and corporate regulations.