iW360: Publishing and scanning suite

Improve document scanning and publishing workflow

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Let your printer do more of the heavy lifting

Small businesses can’t afford to divert staff to deal with manual document handling tasks. iW360 streamlines the way paper and electronic documents move around your business, augmenting and automating along the way. From document handling, editing and publishing, to sharing and scanning workflows. It’s a start-to-finish answer with a range of features to free up your time.

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    Keep your documents where you can find them

    No more hunting around. You get a desktop interface with a customisable document library storing many types of file. Anything you scan appears here on command, ready for editing & publishing.

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    Many documents, one solution

    Ever wasted time stitching documents together into one file for printing or saving? Give that a miss next time with iW360, which lets you combine multiple file types & edit to your heart’s content.

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    Scanning made smarter

    Some scanning & sending tasks are repetitive & a lot of this can be automated. You can set up iW360 to automatically save to multiple locations & do other common tasks that take hours every day.

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    Work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office

    No one likes juggling different applications. iW360 co-operates seamlessly with MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel – letting you open files, edit and save them as usual without any extra steps.

Save time and remove the pain of combing different files into one printed document

Ever had the joy of printing 6 different files to go into one proposal or handout? iW360 is designed to bring different file types into one cohesive document, removing the need for manual collation.

red tick The document management solution with a justifiable price tag

Enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end solution. Thanks to an affordable pricing model, you can now digitise your documents, retrieve them in no time, use automated workflows, reduce the workload on your staff and make your operation more collaborative and productive. 

red tick Create professional documents in-house

Remove the bother and cost associated with producing a professional looking document. iW360 combined with a Canon MFD will have you creating and printing like a pro in no time.

red tick Stop re-doing

iW360 does the heavy lifting for you by allowing you to set it up to perform common workflows automatically. Perhaps you want to save scans to multiple locations, or maybe you need to convert PDFs to editable text format? Tell it once and iW360 will do all of these for you - to stop you redoing them day in and out.

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