Collect, validate and store any form or document, any time

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Master the flow of information

Information is the lifeblood of any business. Teleform was built to streamline the capture, store & distribution of information. It’s a tailored OCR solution with the power to automatically capture and process business-critical information. Raw data goes in one end & actionable information is output to improve customer service, reduce costs & improve compliance with company and regulatory policies.

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    Accuracy is key

    You can verify what you’ve captured by setting up rules to validate data extracted from other systems and make corrections when you spot problems – so sit back and let TeleForm do the manual duties.

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    Capture information, however you receive it

    No matter how you receive your documents, TeleForm covers all bases. It capture documents straight from scanners and MFDs, mobile devices, fax, email or even the web browser.

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    Create forms with built-in logic

    Create forms with embedded logic, integrate live data, and distribute by printing, faxing, emailing, and saving as PDFs.

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    Hands-free exporting & processing

    We’d all like to work less. Now you can automate regular business processes like exporting of documents and data into other systems by simply setting up rules in the brains of the software.

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    Intelligent document sorting

    With advanced layout recognition technology, documents are automatically sorted by type, ready for processing. Documents can be identified by invoice number, patch code and more.

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    Next level recognition technology

    Powerful recognition technology is at the heart of TeleForm’s success. Impressive OCR capabilities and handprint/barcode/checkbox recognition technology ensure information is extracted efficiently.

Get access to quick and accurate information 

If you’re dealing with huge volumes of customer information, TeleForm is the answer to streamline information processes right through to the point of delivery. Capturing and validating information as it arrives to cut back on the time and manpower needed to index POD cards and improving customer satisfaction.

red tick Remove human error 

Even the best data person isn’t 100% reliable 100% of the time. TeleForm removes human error by automating and streamlining data intensive processes like surveys, claims and other tasks that would otherwise require people to manually enter data.

red tick Stop the manual handling

Time saved is money earned. Maximise financial efficiency by speeding up invoicing, accounts payable, and other time-consuming financial tasks. Enjoy increased compliance with financial governance requirements. 

red tick Reduce the burden of paperwork

Cut down on bottlenecks in your application process and save space in your building by eliminating the need for paper files. TeleForm lets you move to a digital platform quickly and easily while cutting down on human errors and lost files. 

red tick Cross-sell like a pro

TeleForm lets you unlock product information, helps reduce data entry, makes data instantly available and speeds up return on investment.