Be organised

Group documents together to give you A-Z clarity on the project. Case Manager has been intuitively designed to group related documents together for you so you don’t have to go searching. For example, it will recognise a PO, a delivery note and an invoice related to the same item(s).

red tick Put the archive boxes away for good

Therefore™ securely captures, saves, indexes, reviews and validates documents and archives them once the mandated period expires.

red tick Don’t suffer version fatigue

We’ve created software that allows documents to be shared and edited without the confusion. Only one employee can edit a document at a time, check it back into the system and leave notes that inform colleagues of their changes. This is then sent to other employees to be reviewed and edited.

red tick Go digital

Big enterprises use big technology to stay ahead and now small businesses can too. Our user friendly software lets you save documents quickly and in a logical, organised way, find documents in seconds, ease admin burdens, improve customer service and ensure you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities caused by sluggish reactivity.

red tick On-the-go, wherever you go

With our app, you and your employees can safely access information wherever you are, whenever you need it. Find and view documents, take and save pictures, update workflow tasks and index data, and save information from 3rd party software.

red tick In-house or in the cloud

Whether you want to manage Therefore™ in-house or you're looking for a cloud solution, we can help.
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Therefore™: Canon's document management solution
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