Light Awards LIVE FAQs

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  • What are the Canon Light Awards LIVE?

    In 2018, the Canon Light Awards goes LIVE – with unique, real-time photography challenges that will push your creativity, skills and technique to the limit. Kicking off in major capitals across Australia (Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart), with Masterclass Events that will span two days of conversation, creation and competition – where every shot submitted is captured in a 24 hour timeframe.
  • How does the Canon Light Awards LIVE work?


    Register and attend one of the 2 Day Masterclass events in your chosen city (there are at least 3 Masterclasses to choose from in each city). On day 1 of each Masterclass, be inspired and challenged as you get 3 hours with your chosen Pro Photographer to learn and gain insights. They will then provide you with a secret 24-hour brief, designed to push your creativity and skills. Live feedback on all images submitted will be provided by your Masterclass host on Day 2. A winner will be selected from each Masterclass who will each receive a $1000 voucher with their local retailer. In each city, the judges will also select one overall winner for that city, and they will be sent to the final to represent their city.


    Each overall winner from Stage 1 will be invited to compete against the other Stage 1 winners in a 24 hour challenge. Winners will be flown (from either Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, or Hobart) to a mystery destination.* On arrival at the mystery destination, participants will be presented with the grand final challenge. The Grand Final winner of the Canon Light Awards Live 2018 will win a Canon EOS 5DMark IV Professional Kit (or a $5000 retail voucher). Note if a winner is under 18 they must bring their parent or guardian.
  • What should I bring on the day?

    Please bring your camera, tripod, charged batteries and any relevant lenses appropriate to the genre of your Masterclass, as you will be provided the brief for your 24-hour challenge and you will want to get out there shooting. Our retail partner will have a selection of equipment available for hire and purchase at their popup store in the foyer during the event, to ensure you have the all the gear you require.

    Also make sure you have your booking confirmation email with your ticket number and ticket barcode, either printed out or on your phone.

    Bring the image you submitted to the competition on a USB so we can print it out for you to take home.

  • What are the key event dates?

    In 2018, Canon Light Awards LIVE will kick off in 4 major cities across Australia:

    •      Perth 14 - 15 April
    •      Sydney 9 - 10 June
    •      Brisbane 1 - 2 September
    •      Hobart 20 – 21 October

    There will be at least three Masterclasses held in each city. Amongst masterclass winners in each city, one winners will be chosen and invited represent their state in the Grand Final. State representatives will then be flown in to compete in the Mystery Destination Grand Final in late November.

  • What are the Prizes?

    Masterclass Winners:
    For each Masterclass, there will be one winner chosen by the Masterclass host. Each Masterclass winner will receive a $1000 voucher with a local retailer.

    Grand Final:
    Each state representative will battle it out in the Grand Final. This will be hosted in late November in a Mystery Destination, where we will fly participants in to experience a completely new and exciting photography challenge! One ultimate champion will be crowned who will receive a Canon EOS 5DMark IV Professional Kit (or a $5000 retail voucher). Note: any participant who is under 18 must take their parent or guardian along.
  • What are the Terms and Conditions of this competition?

    If you have any issues submitting your image please email us at
    Terms and Conditions are available here.
  • Eligibility

    Who can’t enter the Canon Light Awards LIVE?
    We encourage any Australian resident to enter. But to keep things fair, there are a few groups of people who can’t, including:
    • Canon Masters
    • Canon Ambassadors
    • Employees (and their immediate family members) of the Promoter, any companies related to the Promoter, or any agencies who are working with this Promotion.
    • Persons under 13

    If I live overseas, can I still enter?
    Whilst we would love to say yes...this competition is only open to Australian residents.

    I’m under 18, can I still enter the competition?
    Yes - if you are 13 and above, we would love for you to attend, however there’s a few things you should know:
    • Your parent or guardian must also buy a ticket to the event you wish to attend and go along with you;
    • If you are a State winner, we will fly your parent or guardian along with you to the Grand Final (they must be able to attend and fly to and from the same Australian city as you);
    • If you are the overall winner you must take your parent or guardian with you on your trip to Africa.

    Can I participate in more than one city?
    Yes - you are welcome to attend and participate in the Canon Light Awards LIVE in more than one city. However, you can only win one Masterclass per calendar year.

    If I’m a Professional Photographer, can I enter?
    Yes - we would love for you to attend any of the Canon Light Awards LIVE events!
  • How do I enter Canon Light Awards Live?

    1.     Select and book a Masterclass of particular interest to you
    2.     Attend your relevant Masterclass on event day (make sure you print and bring the ticket we send you when you book)
    3.     Receive your brief personally created by your host
    4.     Accept the challenge, go out, shoot and submit an image as directed within a 24 hour period
    5.     Attend the event on Day 2 to hear your host provide live feedback on the all images from your session
    6.     If you’re an overall winner for the city, you will represent your state and complete against other states in the Grand Final held in November.
    7.     The Grand Final will be held in a mystery destination in November, where the four state winners compete in the ultimate 24 Hour Challenge. The winner will receive the grand prize of a Canon EOS 5DMark IV Professional Kit (or $5000 retail voucher).
  • Image Submissions

    When will I receive my brief?
    Your 24 Hour Challenge brief will be announced by your chosen Masterclass host on Day 1 of your Masterclass Event following the 3 hour instruction component of the class. Note that you will have exactly 24 hours to plan, shoot and upload a photo that best meets this brief. There will be a unique brief for each Masterclass as they have been personally designed by your host.

    How will I receive my brief?
    During Day 1 of your Masterclass event, your chosen host will announce your brief in person around midday – you will then have 24 Hours to submit your entry.

    How do I submit my entry? When you receive your brief details on your email, a unique URL will be provided, where you can upload your entry. You can only enter the brief to the masterless you have attended. Depending on the brief you may be required to include captions to help explain the story behind your image.

    What’s not permitted?
    We want you to create an image that means a lot to you. But it’s important that those images aren’t: • discriminatory, racist, hateful, violent, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, profane or indecent, sexually explicit, offensive or otherwise unlawful. We encourage entries from those as young as 13, so we ask that you keep our audience in mind. When considering what’s appropriate, if you wouldn’t show your entry to a 13 year old, or say, to your work colleagues, it probably won’t be acceptable for this competition. • featuring nudity, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes • infringing on any other person’s copyright or moral rights – we ask that you steer clear of capturing other people’s artworks including substantial parts of street art, or substantial branding in your imagery • an advertisement, or designed in any way to sell a product or service or increase traffic to any other website; or • in breach of the competition rules. If your image is seen to be any of the above, there’s every chance we’ll have to disqualify it. Note that we won’t have time to notify you if your entry is disqualified so please read the terms and conditions carefully.

    Am I allowed to include people in my image?
    We ask that you always act with courtesy and so we recommend you try to seek permission from all those you photograph (even if it is after you captured the shot). However, if your image features any recognisable person who is: • captured in a private or domestic setting or on private land (e.g. in their home, at work or at a studio shoot); • a well-known person (e.g. a celebrity or politician); or • under the age of 18, You’ll need permission from the person (or their parent or guardian if they are under 18) to enter the image in the competition and you must be able to demonstrate that you have this permission if requested (e.g. by providing us a model release, a letter or email from the person, or by getting them to telephone us).

    Am I allowed to include children in my image?
    If any recognisable person is under the age of 18, you’ll need permission from their parent or guardian to enter the image in the competition. You may also be required to demonstrate that you have obtained this permission (e.g. by providing us an email from the parent).

    We also ask that you are sensitive when capturing images of children. We intend to upload entries into a gallery on the Competition website so we are likely to disqualify any images containing nude or partially nude children for safety reasons – even if their parent or guardian consented to it. Even when these images are uploaded with the best of intentions, this content could be re-shared and used by other people in unanticipated and inappropriate ways.

    What happens if I can’t provide proof of approval to use the people in my image?
    If any recognisable person is under the age of 18, you’ll need permission from their parent or guardian to enter the image in the competition. You may also be required to demonstrate that you have obtained this permission (e.g. by providing us an email from the parent).

    We also ask that you are sensitive when capturing images of children. We intend to upload entries into a gallery on the Competition website so we are likely to disqualify any images containing nude or partially nude children for safety reasons – even if their parent or guardian consented to it. Even when these images are uploaded with the best of intentions, this content could be re-shared and used by other people in unanticipated and inappropriate ways.

    Can I submit an image that can or has been purchased?
    We want you to pick up the camera and capture something that grows your skills in photography. That’s why you can’t enter an image that’s already up for sale, has already been used commercially, has won some sort of prize or recognition in another competition, or that you have purchased from someone else.

    Will my personal information be kept private?
    We know your privacy's important. That's why the only personal info we'll make public is information about who the winners are– and entrant’s names and images We might also post some of the judges’/masterclass hosts’ feedback Finally, we might share some details with trusted third parties to help us with conducting the competition. You can find out more about how we handle your info in our Privacy Policy.

    What information will be available to the public?
    In the gallery post event, you will be credited by name. We might also post some of the feedback given by masterclass hosts / judges.

    How many times can I enter?
    You can only have one entry for the relevant brief. If you make a mistake you may submit another image. Only your final submission will be used for judging.

    What if I want to attend multiple Masterclasses?
    There will be 3 x Masterclasses run concurrently in each city (Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart). So, you can only attend 1 Masterclass in each city. If you want to travel around to attend other Masterclasses you can! You can also enter any brief for any Masterclass event you attend. However, if you are deemed a winner of any Masterclass, you will automatically be excluded from winning any subsequent Masterclass Competition.

    Do I need to include a description when I upload my image?
    Behind every great photo is a powerful story - and you have the option to tell us more about your image. Depending on the brief, your chosen Masterclass host might require you to add a caption to help you to explain the story behind your image.

    Can I upload portrait or landscape photos?
    You can submit images in either portrait or landscape - but make sure you've rotated the photo to the correct orientation before you upload it.

    Can I watermark my image submission?
    As part of the 24 Hour Challenge, we do not wish to add any potential bias during the judging process. This is why only clean non-watermarked entries will be considered. Post-event however, should your entry meet the eligibility criteria, your images will be uploaded to the gallery where viewers can identify the full name of each images’ photographer.

    What resolution/size should my image be?
    The file size should be 1MB - 5MB - but make sure you keep a copy of your original file in the highest possible resolution in case you're a winner..

    What happens if the image I upload doesn't meet the size requirements?
    If your image is too big, you may not be able to submit your entry. And if it is too small, it might be worth taking another photo within the size requirements.

    What happens if I miss the deadline for submissions?
    Unfortunately, if you miss the deadline your entry won't be considered in the judging, however you are still welcome to attend the second day of your event to listen in to the thoughts from your host on the competition. We recommend you don't leave things to the last minute so that you have plenty of time to allow for any unforeseen difficulties with the submissions process.

    Once I've submitted a photo, can I change the photo, the description or any other information on the page?
    Yes - you can change your entry once it's been submitted. Simply resubmit your entry again with your updated changes. Any resubmission will override your previous entry. Just make sure you do all this well before the close of the submission period to ensure your entry is accepted in time and is included as part of the judging!

    Will my entry be valid if I use photo editing software (like Photoshop?)
    Basic editing such as cropping and colour adjustment is permitted. However, entries must be true photographs and not composites or digital manipulations. Apart from cropping, we won’t accept images where pixels have been removed. We also won’t accept images that have selective colour adjustment, for example choosing only the sky of an image to enhance the blue colour.

    The spirit of the Light Awards is that you should try to use tools that are available to you ‘in-camera’. Whilst you can make minor adjustments such as the above, we feel that the story you tell with your photography is what counts, not your skills at post production. If we feel as though your image has been substantially edited it may not be accepted. Keep in mind to confirm you are a winner, you may need to send through the original file to show it is a true photograph, including all metadata to show that you took your photo before claiming any prize.

    When I upload my image do I relinquish my copyright?

    At Canon, we respect that your photo is just that - yours. That's why any photo submitted during the competition will still be the photographer's property. Entrants and winners must provide us with a licence to use their Entry in various ways to conduct and promote the awards. For example, we'd like to post entries to our social media accounts to promote the awards and display entries at Light Awards events. You can find out more here.
    We also ask entrants to let us know if they'd like to hear from us in case we love their image and would like to use it in other ways, such as in our marketing campaigns. If so, we are prepared to negotiate an appropriate licensing arrangement.

    How do I search for image/s once it's been uploaded?
    Images that meet the selection criteria will be available on the Gallery after each Canon Light Awards Masterclass. On the Gallery, you’ll be able to filter entries based on their city and Masterclass, and you can also use a Search Bar to find something specific.

    Will I be provided with feedback on my image?
    On Day 2 – Masterclass Hosts will provide live constructive feedback on the selection of images submitted for that Masterclass. All participants acknowledge and accept that their image may be the subject of live critique and review.
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