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At Canon, we believe in living and working together for the common good — that’s what our corporate philosophy kyosei is all about. One of the ways we put this philosophy into action is by supporting young minds in our community through our Canon Honours Scholarship program at the University of Sydney Business School. 

With this philosophy underpinning every part of our business, we established the Canon Honours Scholarship in 2003. The program supports and nurtures the next generation of business leaders.  

The Scholarship is awarded to a Marketing Honours student on the basis of academic merit, specifically performance in undergraduate Marketing major units of study.  

This year, Canon awarded scholarships to two talented students, who completed their undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney Business School and have been accepted into an honours program specialising in marketing. The student with the highest Marketing average received a $8000 scholarship, and the second ranked student received a $4000 scholarship. 

Supporting the University of Sydney allows us to help a diverse range of students, who are intelligent, committed, and passionate about their learning and contribution to society. This year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are reaffirming our commitment to cultivate and nurture the next generation of business leaders. 

Learn more about the Canon Honours Scholarship Program here

2024 Canon Honours Scholarship recipient

Amishi Handoo (2024)
Amishi will be conducting an exploratory study of Environmental Brand Activism through the lens of public policy.
Recent Canon Honours Scholarship recipients 

Cali Doyle (2023)
Cali’s thesis is all about how consumers view the authenticity of luxury brands' engagement with sustainability, particularly the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Once she’s completed her Honours, Cali is aspiring to apply everything she learns during her Honours to the world of luxury and beauty products, where success and sustainability go hand in hand.

Janice Gao (2023)
Janice embarked on a deep dive into how messaging plays people’s motivations to buy sustainably. In her thesis, she is pitting demarketing against environment-focused messaging to see what resonates more with consumers and to better understand how marketing tells the story of a brand or product to connect with people across different industries.

Congratulations to all of our students from previous years:

2022 - Anthea Tang
2021 - Ernest Mo
2019 - Tanvir Pasha
2018 - Shimmona Chen
2017 - Tycho Hugh
2016 - Declan O'Neill
2015 - Thomas Wylob
2014 - Nina Khoury
2013 - Miketi Arai
2012 - Millenna McPhee
2011 - Alexandra Kriz
2010 - Lindsey Paton
2009 - Samantha Yates
2008 - Benjamin Karpin
2007 - Peta Morton
2006 - Julia McIlwaine
2005 - Mitchell Burger
2004 - Karen Oliphant
2003 - Christina Ioannou

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