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Every day we see the talent, hard work and dedication of today’s young people in our schools, businesses and society. Here at Canon we know that nothing feels better than supporting this young talent and this is fed by our philosophy of Kyosei, which means ‘living and working together for the common good’.

With this philosophy underpinning every part of our business, we established the Canon Honours Scholarship in 2003. The scholarship, worth $5,000 is awarded annually to one Marketing Honours student at the University of Sydney.

Supporting The University of Sydney allows us to support a diverse range of students, who are intelligent, committed and passionate about their contribution to society – storytelling in marketing is an essential thread in this fabric.

2019 Canon Honours Scholarship recipient – Tanvir Pasha

Tanvir Pasha, Marketing Honours Student at The University of Sydney, was awarded Canon’s annual Honours Scholarship for 2019. Tavir’s thesis explores employer branding, and specifically why people gravitate towards certain career paths and jobs as a way to combine his passions for marketing and HR.

Tanvir plans to use the scholarship to fund a small start-up he has planned which will offer social media advertising strategy and execution. When Tanvir completes his degree, he plans to work in either the marketing or HR industry while pursuing his start-up as a passion project.

2018 Canon Honours Scholarship recipient – Shimmona Chen

Shimmona Chen, Marketing Honours Graduate from The University of Sydney, was awarded Canon’s annual Honours Scholarship for 2018. Shimmona’s thesis focuses on the #MeToo movement, specifically around celebrity influence on the movement and how this reduced stigma around sexual assault, helping others share their stories.

Shimmona finished her degree in 2018, and now works for a market-research company, focusing on getting her feet wet in the industry and learning everything she can.

Congratulations to all of our students from previous years:

2017 - Tycho Hugh
2016 - Declan O'Neill
2015 - Thomas Wylob
2014 - Nina Khoury
2013 - Miketi Arai
2012 - Millenna McPhee
2011 - Alexandra Kriz
2010 - Lindsey Paton
2009 - Samantha Yates
2008 - Benjamin Karpin
2007 - Peta Morton
2006 - Julia McIlwaine
2005 - Mitchell Burger
2004 - Karen Oliphant
2003 - Christina Ioannou

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