Experience Store Melbourne

Visit the Canon Experience Store to test, try and buy all the latest Canon digital cameras, lenses and printers. No matter what skill level you are, we have what you need to do more with your photography.

Where:95 Buckhurst Street South Melbourne VIC 3205
Nearest Transport: Montague St Light Rail 
Tram 109 Port Melbourne to Box Hill
Cafe Onsite: Yes
Contact us:E: experiencestore@canon.com.au
P: 1800 226 669
Opening Hours:Monday to Saturday 9:00AM - 5:30PM
Check for Holiday opening hours

Canon Experience Store


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Your place to be inspired, learn and test our complete range of consumer products and services
  • Play

    Come in, pick up a camera and experiment on the spot

    • Want to learn more? Why not join a workshop to get to know your camera in-store with one of our team members?
    • Or checkout workshops with Canon Collective and see what works best for you

  • Test

    It all starts with you and what you want to do. We're here to help you get the best from your gear

    • Not sure of what lens to take on holidays? Then why not test and try the range in-store. Our staff can help you achieve the shots you want
    • Explore the accessories and try out the gear. Get tips and techniques to make sure that you're all set for your trip, family occasion or creative project

  • Explore

    Now you're up and running, we can help fuel your photography journey even more.

    • Why not produce a photo book or wall art with photoPICO? Our staff can teach you how
    • Our staff can show you how to print and frame your own creation. Bring your home to life with your own beautifully crafted art work
    • Bring in your memory card, we can retouch the photos of your choice, and we'll show you how to print in-store.
    • Need help with your printer functions or set-up? Come in have a coffee and we take care of the rest

  • Play

    You’re creative journey is getting exciting! Come in and let’s talk about what’s next

    • Flash photography opens a new world of lighting possibilities and changing your lens changes your perspective
    • Get hands on, try in-store, or even rent before you buy

  • Test

    You’ve felt that spark of inspiration, so let’s help you make it your next achievement

    • Whether it’s portraiture, macro, landscape or street photography, we can help you learn the techniques and try them in-store.
    • It doesn’t end with the shutter button, let’s look at how you can edit your work to really tell your story like a pro

  • Explore

    Bring in your memory card and let’s take a look together on our Photoshop-equipped Macs

    • Want to dive in deeper? A Canon Collective edit-to-print workshop is just the thing to learn and have fun with people just like you
    • Of course, if you just want to print to see your work on the wall, we have the PIXMA Pro series ready to print up to A2 size

  • Play

    You’re at the top of your game and creativity is your business. We’re here as your community hub to meet with peers, talk through ideas or just pick up some inspiration

    • Our store is your store, for events, talks or meetups with peers, so come in and let’s look at what we can do together

  • Test

    Whether it's that new lens, any of our accessories or our latest printer, come in and test it for your needs

    • Speak to the team about our printers and workflow benefits for your business
    • The PIXMA Pro printer range is here to test, including the award-winning Pro 1000 A2 desktop model and the LFP range is just next door at Sunstudios

  • Explore

    With Sunstudios right next door, we have you covered for support, rental, studios and exhibition space

    • Need some help printing your work. Why not let Sunstudios take care of it for you, or just come in and talk with our consultants.
    • Are you a Canon Professional Services member? We’re onsite to keep your gear in top shape and keep you working

Want to learn more?

Book a workshop

Meet the Team
  • Gemma Ortlipp

    Gemma Ortlipp

    My first DSLR camera was at uni and I spent most of my time just playing and experimenting. I’m a pretty easy going person with a passion for photography and wildlife. I would spend my entire day photographing animals if I could.

  • Rob Caldwell

    Rob Caldwell

    My father owned a camera store on the Gold Coast, so I played with cameras from a very young age. I remember working beside my father in a darkroom and him teaching me the fundamentals of photography, and imbedding that desire to help anyone with a camera.

  • Chris Siacolas

    Chris Siacolas

    As a child, I often got into trouble for taking the family camera and using up all the precious film. The results weren’t great, in my opinion, but I always had fun taking pictures. I am inspired by other photographers and try to understand how their images were created, as this helps me improve my skills.


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