Meet Dhawal - Finance Manager

Fun fact
I love camping, adventures & playing tennis. Most recently I flew an aeroplane for an hour from Bankstown to Cherrybrook, Blue Mountains and back. That was my dream come true. 
What do you enjoy most about your role? My role at Canon is to meet Financial Accounting, Reporting & Auditing requirements, which largely involve liaison across the business and our offshore team. I am a passionate people person and I love interacting with people at all levels, internal and external. I am glad my job allows me to put that in practice.
What surprised you the most about working at Canon?
At Canon, focus on people has always been at forefront. Be it a new employee joined or an organisational change. Our Human Resource team, in partnership with management at all levels, has host of programs to cater people and business needs. I still remember a "Buddy" being assigned to me, when I first joined Canon which was more than welcoming. 
What opportunities has Canon offered you? 
At Canon, I have a steady and well defined growth in my career, professional and personal development. To be able to meet our Finance Director’s goals, Canon provides right tools and resources. I have been extremely lucky to be mentored by great managers who placed trust and confidence in me. I was honoured to participate in an extensive 6 months’ “Leadership” training program.
Why would you recommend Canon as a workplace to your family and friends? 
We all spend  good amount of time at work as much as we spend at home and with our family. When I start from home, I can’t wait to reach office. And when I finish work, I can’t wait to reach home. This means I feel as much challenged and engaged at work as much as I am able to value my family life. I am confident this sums up that Canon is a fun and loving place that promotes creativity, well-being and equal opportunities for all.

Meet Anthony - Digital Specialist, Website & Projects

Fun fact
I am really passionate about music.
What motivated you to join Canon? 
My experience as an intern through the UNSW Co-op program meant I had worked in CCI for 6 months. I met a lot of great people and really loved working here. It was a no brainer.
What do you enjoy most about your role?
My team – they are awesome.
What surprised you the most about working at Canon?
How much we do for our consumers. People work so hard to make sure they are always delivering amazing experiences.
Why would you recommend Canon as a workplace to your family and friends?
To me, the people you work with can make or break a job. I can confidently say that I haven’t experienced that anywhere else that I have worked.
What has been the highlight for you, while working at Canon?
Spending the week at Lady Elliot Island. Seeing engaged consumers loving our brand and being so appreciative of what we were doing for them. I met a lot of interesting people and learned so much.
 Image credit: Sharon Kavanagh, Canon employee
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