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Canon Oceania Sustainability Report

Canon Oceania published its first local sustainability report in 2007. Our reports focus on the sustainability challenges, opportunities and performance in the region as well as the strategies we put in place to address these matters.

Our parent company, Canon Inc. began publishing global environmental reports in 1994 which were expanded in 2003 to also include economic and social activities.

Our sustainability reports, published annually, provide an overview of our sustainability challenges and performance, ensure accountability to our stakeholders and are intended to encourage greater communication with our stakeholders.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this year's report at

The photograph above was taken by Tania Niwa, Canon Master, Grand Master of Photography and child of Mount Taranaki. “This is Māunga Taranaki, our sacred Mountain located on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. “Recently a deed of agreement was initialled by the eight Māori tribes of our region and the Crown. If ratified our ancestor will be the first Mountain in history to be acknowledged as a legal person and not be owned by anyone, however will be cared for by us in partnership with the government,” Tania said. This image is used with permission from Te Atiawa Iwi, the tribe of the area the photo was taken in. Image taken on a Canon EOS 5DS.