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Business Product Relocations

Whether you’re moving your Canon device within your building or across the country, our expert relocation team will coordinate its move safely and efficiently.

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Relocating your Canon device
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    Submit a machine serial number for verification by complete the online request form

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    You’ll receive a quote for approval from our Relocation Team within 24 hours. Please note that this quote is valid for 10 days.

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    Upon your approval of the quote, we’ll coordinate the relocation and advise you of next steps

  • Did you know you can also relocate your device using your MyCanon Business account?

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Terms and FAQs
  • What is the cost for Canon to relocate my device?

    We will provide you with a detailed quote outlining all fees prior to the relocation. Costs will vary subject to your requirements but will include labour and transport. Other potential charges that may apply include service (if device disassembly and/or re-installation is required), network installation, site inspections, specialist delivery equipment and software reconfiguration. Any third party costs, site specific delays, may also attract a surcharge. Futile pickup or deliveries will also be subject to the costs outlined in your quote. Additional charges will also be applicable if the information provided did not match the site location.
  • What is the difference between ‘transportation’ and ‘service’ charges?

    Transportation charges cover the co-ordination and physical relocation of your Canon device. This is often all that is required, but if your machine requires disassembly and/or re-installation by a Canon technician, a service charge will apply and will be outlined in your quote.
  • Does my Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) include any relocation fees?

    Relocation of Canon devices is generally not included in our standard SMAs. Please contact your Canon Account Manager for further information about your SMA if required.
  • Why does my quote include different prices for moving multiple devices?

    Carrier charges are based on location, model and the accessories attached to the mainframe of your device. Other factors that may also impact the overall costs, include complex access to your site (i.e. stairs), the date and time of your relocation and transportation requirements.
  • Why do you need to conduct a site safety check?

    We place the utmost value on the safety of our staff, providers and customers and as such require a mandatory safety check of your new site before relocation. This is to ensure that all OH&S requirements of your space are met.
  • Can we move our Canon devices ourselves?

    We prefer to arrange the relocation for you in order to conduct all safety checks and ensure that all records are updated appropriately. You can choose to move your Canon device yourself, however, if you have a service maintenance agreement (SMA) with us then it will become void until a Canon Service Technician conducts a check of your device at your new site. This will attract a service charge that covers labour and any parts. If you have already relocated a Canon device yourself and not yet notified us, please contact our Contracts Team on 13 13 83. We will update all your records and arrange a service of your device (fees will apply).
  • If our delivery location isn't ready, can Canon store our equipment?

    Generally, we don’t store devices, but this service can be arranged directly with your Canon Account Manager for a storage fee.
  • Does it really take five days to move our device?

    We require a window of five business days to schedule in all aspects of your device relocation. This includes arranging a site inspection by a Canon technician and booking a carrier for transportation.
  • How long is my quote valid for?

    Your quote from the relocations team will be valid for 10 days. Upon your approval of the quote, we’ll coordinate the relocation and advise you of next steps.
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