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Travel Cameras 

Whether exploring local landscapes or globetrotting, our travel cameras combine portability with superior image quality to capture and savour every moment. With a focus on lightweight design and standout image performance, Canon travel cameras are as versatile as they are reliable. Discover cameras that adapt to your journey from the EOS R100's creativity to the advanced EOS R8, and standard zoom lenses like RF-S 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM that conveniently covers a wide range of travel scenarios.
Choosing the ideal camera for your travels
Find the perfect travel camera to suit your adventures. Whether it's a city exploration or a rugged outdoor journey, Canon offers cameras blending portability with exceptional image quality, ensuring you capture every memorable moment with ease.
  • Portable and lightweight Canon EOS camera

    Portable and lightweight

    Our portable cameras are ideal for travel, balancing compact design with functionality. Light enough for any adventure, they fit easily into a backpack or bag, ensuring you're ready to capture every moment without being weighed down. Starting from just 365g, njoy the ease of travel with a camera that's built to be both small and powerful, perfectly suited for capturing all your journeys.

  • EOS R100 and EOS R8

    Stand out image quality

    Our travel cameras, with their large sensors, capture strikingly detailed and vibrant images. These high-quality captures ensure your travel memories are preserved with clarity and colour depth, and work great in low-light conditions. Plus, they’re packed with resolution so you can crop and print without losing any detail

  • Canon EOS camera and RF lenses

    Flexible and versatile

    Whatever you need for your trip, our travel cameras offer incredible versatility. Switch between different lenses to adapt to various shooting conditions and subjects from wide-angle for capturing sweeping landscapes, to telephoto for distant details. With manual controls, enjoy flexibility and greater creative freedom with control over settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO for the ultimate travel shots.

Choosing the best Travel Camera for your needs
Selecting the best travel camera goes beyond just the specs – it's about finding the perfect match for your travel destinations and the types of shots you’re aiming to capture. Discover our top picks tailored to fit various styles and travel scenarios.
  • EOS R100

    Recommended for built-in creativity with auto shooting modes perfect for capturing family moments, holidays and first camera buyers.
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Simple guided user interface
    • Capture video to share
  • EOS R50

    Shoot and share with ease. Recommended for globetrotters capturing their adventures and creating travel content.
    • Compact and lightweight - 375g
    • Great for travel and content creation
    • 4K 30p uncropped video
  • EOS R10

    Upgrade your travel content with higher levels of control and customisation. Recommended for creators composing in manual mode for greater creativity.
    • Flexibility to compose with multi-controller and quick control dial
    • Reliable subject tracking
    • Stand out videos
  • EOS R8

    Step up to full frame for better image quality, background blur and wider angles of view
    • Incredible low light performance
    • Freeze the action and capture rare and fleeting moments
    • Advanced video features
Selecting the right Travel Lens
Your travel photography is unique, and so should be your lens. With more than 30 RF Lenses to choose from, we have the ideal lens for every kind of traveller. Put your focus on our recommendations to find the lens that best complements your journey and style.

Turn Up Your Travels with the EOS R50

EOS R50 in Action: A Global Road-Test
Take a look at our journey with creator Wil Calabio, who took the EOS R50 to a whopping 8 countries in 16 days. This was the ultimate test of its travel prowess. Explore the gallery to see how the EOS R50 performed in diverse locations and situations.

Canon for the Creators - Find Your Kit

Explore the world of Canon’s EOS R Mirrorless range, featuring both full frame and APS-C sensors. Whether you're an aspiring vlogger, a travel photographer, or a filmmaking enthusiast, we've got you covered. Explore our curated selections to find cameras that align with your unique content creation style, or take our interactive quiz to pinpoint the ideal Canon camera setup that resonates with your creative vision. It's more than choosing a camera—it's about crafting your storytelling toolkit.

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Inspiration for your next adventure
Set the stage for your next photographic journey with our treasure trove of inspiring content. Delve into a rich collection of blogs and resources from Canon, brimming with ideas and insights for your next adventure. Whether it's discovering new destinations, mastering travel photography techniques, or exploring creative storytelling, these resources are designed to ignite your imagination and guide you in capturing extraordinary moments on your travels.
Travel Camera FAQs
Got questions about travel cameras? Find concise answers here about carrying, packing, and choosing the right camera and accessories for your travel photography needs.
  • How to travel with camera gear?

    There are a few things to consider when dediciding how you should carry your camera and gear while traveling.

    1. Accessibility – having your camera easily accessible ensures you can quickly capture spontaneous moments. A camera bag with multiple compartments or cross body strap allows for quick access.

    2. Safety & protection – A sturdy camera bag with padding safeguards against bumps and damage. Disassemble lens from body if possible, use protective cases, and pack them surrounded by soft materials. Consider a bag with weather-resistant features if you'll be in varying conditions. As for your camera itself, a strap that secures the camera to the body reduces the risk of it being snatched

    3. Comfort and convenience – Long hours of carrying your camera can strain your body. Opting for a large comfortable strap that evenly distributes the weight will reduce strain on your neck and shoulders.

    Check out our article and video for more information about what to pack in your camera bag when you go travelling.
  • How to travel with camera gear?

    1. Keep batteries them in a separate pouch, ideally in your carry-on luggage, adhering to airline regulations.

    2. Make sure all your batteries are fully charged before you leave. It may also be worth taking an additional set of batteries as back up. This ensures you have the maximum amount of power available.

    3. Avoid exposing batteries to extreme temperatures.
  • Is it worth buying a camera for travel?

    A dedicated camera can enhance your travel experience with higher quality photos, versatility, better battery life and more creative control than smartphones. With the option of interchangeable lenses, adapt to various travel shooting situations to get the best of every situation.
  • What camera is best for travel photography?

    Look for compact, versatile cameras with good image quality, like the cameras in our EOS R series. The EOS R50 for example is compact and lightweight and with easy mobile connection, allows you to shoot and share with ease.
  • How to keep your camera safe when travelling?

    Use a sturdy camera bag, keep it close, and be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.
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