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COVID-19 Update

14th September 2021

COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving global situation and has brought unprecedented challenges to our business, our customers, our employees and of course the wider community. Our approach is to continue to manage the situation in a safe, calm and measured way, and when required act swiftly and communicate clearly.

Our Canon Oceania Business Continuity team (BCP) has been actively monitoring the situation and putting appropriate measures in place as the situation and local restrictions evolve. We have a clear framework in place should any incidents arise, by which we are operating.

Ongoing Safety
See our Canon COVID-19 Safe Plan. This plan outlines how we ensure a safe and healthy working environment for Canon employees, customers and other affected parties while undertaking work at Canon sites, at home or on customer sites. This plan outlines how we’ll operate safely during COVID-19 restrictions for employees.

Contactless Delivery 
All of Canon’s transport partners have moved to a contactless delivery program. Like Canon, the health and safety of their employees, our customers and the community are priorities.  

The Canon Group
The Canon Group places the highest priority on the health and safety of its employees as well as their families and neighbours, customers, and business partners, and is taking preventative measures against the spread of infection in accordance with government policies.

Globally, utlising our proprietary technologies, we are also working to provide products and services that support new work and life styles, as well as to support a swift end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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