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Canon attains Gold Sustainability Advantage Award

26th July 2023

L-R: Kotaro Fukushima (Managing Director – Canon Oceania), Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC, New South Wales (NSW)
Minister for Climate Change, Minister for Energy, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 26 July 2023: Canon Oceania has achieved a Sustainability Advantage Gold award in recognition of its outstanding environmental achievements and leadership, and commitment to sustainability.

The award was presented by the Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC, New South Wales (NSW) Minister for Climate Change, Minister for Energy, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage.

Canon has participated in the Sustainability Advantage program since its inception in 2007, The program is run by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. Collaborating with the private sector, Sustainability Advantage is a collective vision of achieving sustainability goals by supporting organisations to embed sustainability into everyday practices. It also helps organisations be more efficient and save money by reducing resource and energy use, water use and waste.

Canon attained the gold award this year for its achievements in product stewardship, circular economy innovation, and carbon reduction.

Product Stewardship and Circular Economy Innovation

Canon’s leadership across these initiatives is evident: it has worked with other responsible Brands (or manufacturers or suppliers) to develop and promote national, industry-led schemes for collection and recycling of products. Canon was active in the development of the National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme and together with other responsible Brands formed ANZRP (Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform) an industry-led not for profit program offering free collection and recycling of e-waste to consumers and small business. Canon is a founding member and keen promoter of the Cartridges for Planet Ark (C4PA) Program.

As a Board member of ANZRP, Canon supports the development of locally based initiatives for the reuse of materials recycled through the NTCRS. ANZRP invests in developing solutions that include the manufacture of construction products from mixed plastics, which are derived from recycling e-waste. The key benefits are minimising landfill, promoting a circular economy reducing costs for industry and consumers.

Kotaro Fukushima, Managing Director, Canon Oceania, says, “We are humbled and grateful to be recognised for our work. The company has grown from strength to strength through the program, achieving bronze, silver and now, a second gold award.

“Receiving the Sustainability Advantage Gold award is recognition of our continued efforts since this program started. This is certainly another highlight for us in the year that Canon Oceania celebrates 50 years. Looking ahead, as an organisation, we continue to be guided by our philosophy of Kyosei, which aims for all people to live in harmony and work together for the common good, regardless of culture, customs, language or race.”

L-R: David Field (Head of Legal, Risk Management & Sustainability Services – Canon Oceania), Aggie Kaur (Sustainability Advantage),
Kotaro Fukushima (Managing Director – Canon Oceania), Janet Leslie (Sustainability Manager – Canon Oceania)

Carbon Reduction

Canon Oceania has had local reduction targets in place since 2010 and throughout that time has continually improved its monitoring and measurement systems and reported its progress through its local Sustainability Report.

As the world continues to evolve and push towards net-zero goals, so has Canon. The company has recently re-evaluated its benchmark for Greenhouse gas emissions across Oceania and has increased its procurement of renewable energy and hybrid vehicles, to support the 2017 investment in solar power for its Macquarie Park Head office, and net zero certification for its New Zealand activities. The company is working on understanding and reducing its indirect emissions as well as its direct emissions in order to prepare meaningful local targets as well as an implementation plan to support Canon Inc’s global targets towards net zero in 2050.

Canon Oceania’s recent annual Sustainability Report outlines how the company has delivered on its environmental goals. As Canon Oceania celebrates 50 years in the Oceania region in 2023, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to build a brighter future for communities and generations to come.

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