Canon bolsters its iconic PowerShot G series with two new, high-quality compact cameras for photographers and vloggers

9th July 2019
G7 X Mark III and G5 X Mark II

Sydney, Australia, 9 July 2019 – Canon Australia today announces the addition of two large sensor compact cameras to its PowerShot G series. The new models offer advanced creative and technical capabilities to content creators, vloggers and photography professionals and enthusiasts with high speed continuous shooting and 4K movie (no crop).

Building on Canon’s existing range, the PowerShot G5 X Mark II features a new 5x f/1.8-2.8 lens and pop-up EVF, perfect for passionate photographers in need of a lightweight yet powerful travel camera. The PowerShot G7 X Mark III features a 4.2x f/1.8 – 2.8 zoom lens and 3.5mm microphone input, providing content creators and aspiring vloggers with both incredible image quality and pin-sharp sound.

High quality imaging in a compact body

The PowerShot G5 X Mark II and the PowerShot G7 X Mark will both employ Canon’s DIGIC 8 image processor for superior shooting performance, in a light-weight, pocket-sized camera, weighing just 340 and 304 grams respectively. With a 20.1 megapixel 1.0-type stacked sensor, both models achieve sensational image quality and vibrant colours for photos and 4K video footage. Making use of the CR3 RAW format, the latest additions to Canon’s G series have a wide dynamic range fully supported by Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) as well as other major third-party developing software, giving users greater flexibility during post-production.

The PowerShot G5 X Mark II is designed to help photographers shoot faster and better than ever before. Equipped with a 5x zoom lens, the camera creates crisp imagery for advanced photographers looking for a secondary camera, and it’s incredibly fast f/1.8-2.8 aperture means that this model is perfect for low-light shooting scenarios such as capturing cities after dark. Comparatively, the PowerShot G7 X Mark III has a 4.2x f/1.8-2.8 zoom lens to help vloggers shoot high-resolution videos, whatever the lighting, location or conditions.

Complete creative control from Auto to Manual

For both advanced photography enthusiasts and vloggers looking to build their profile, these new compact cameras provide complete creative control in both Auto and Manual modes. Both the PowerShot G5 X Mark II and PowerShot G7 X Mark II offer DSLR-like levels of control and personalisation, allowing users to enhance their technical abilities while on the go. A control ring provides users with direct access to crucial settings for a more hands-on approach and simpler operation. The PowerShot G5 X Mark II’s corner mounted pop-up OLED Electronic View Finder (EVF) allows for easier creative compositions, while the tilting touchscreen provides excellent visibility.

For vloggers, the touchscreen feature on the PowerShot G7 X Mark III has the ability to capture videos and photos of themselves in perfect focus, allowing them to create flawless-looking content. The PowerShot G5 X Mark II and the PowerShot G7 X Mark III both provide autofocus with confidence. An AF-MP feature allows for manual adjustments, and a built in ND filter captures bold colours even in bright light. Both cameras shoot at speeds of 20fps in continuous mode, and 30fps in RAW burst mode, ensuring even the most spontaneous moments be captured.

Future-proof your content in 4K

Users of both cameras can create smooth, shake-free videos when filming on the go, thanks to the in-camera digital image stabilisation. The HDR movie function minimises the loss of detail and the enhanced dynamic range enables video enthusiasts to capture natural-looking footage. These new compact cameras will future-proof both video and still imagery, thanks to super 4K movie quality for vloggers and photographers looking to upskill their videography capabilities. Frame rates up to 120fps in Full HD mode create beautifully smooth slow-motion footage ideal for vloggers B-roll, while the vertical video shooting mode produces footage purposefully designed for social media. Automatic settings are available for movie capture in both the PowerShot G5 X Mark II and the PowerShot G7 X Mark III to produce balanced exposure and high image quality – ideal for those developing their skills and defining their style – while manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO are still available to offer video enthusiasts the opportunity to develop their technical skills.

Stay connected on the go

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity allow users to capture spontaneous moments and send them to their computer, phone or social media instantly; while a live streaming function on the PowerShot G7 X Mark III enables vloggers the ability to share live content with their social media followers for real-time engagement. Both cameras can connect to your smartphone to automatically receive GPS coordinate information for image tagging and have a clean HDMI output for streaming and external recording.

See here for more information on the PowerShot G5 X Mark II and here for more on the PowerShot G7 X Mark III.

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