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Canon launches new imagePROGRAF TM series multi-use large format printers for CAD drawings and posters

9th October 2023
The new Canon imagePROGRAF TM-350 printer
The new Canon imagePROGRAF TM-350 printer

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 9 October 2023: Canon is today launching its new imagePROGRAF TM series of A0+ and A1+ printers for producers of technical and promotional large format printing applications in sectors from architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing to retail, hospitality and education.

The portfolio incorporates six models – the TM-355, TM-350 and TM-340 for A0+ prints and the TM-255, TM-250, and TM-240 for A1+ output – all featuring a newly formulated, vibrant magenta ink. The range is designed to meet diverse printing needs, from CAD construction and design drawings to retail and restaurant posters and school classroom displays. The refined body design and small footprint suits office or retail spaces, even when combined with the optional large format scanner.

The imagePROGRAF TM series features a new L-COA PRO II image processing engine, which enables quick start-up and top printing speed of up to 3.2 pages per minute (PPM), about 28% faster than previous models¹, bringing greater productivity for time-critical prints.

Deeper reds and sharper contrasts for CAD and design drawings
Deeper reds and sharper contrasts for CAD and design drawings

Greater vibrancy even on uncoated paper

The newly designed image processing table and optimised magenta ink ensure excellent red colour development for vivid reproduction and sharper contrasts. This equates to more clarity when highlighting corrections and revisions in CAD drawings, or displaying critical technical annotations.

By using all-colour pigment ink, the printers can produce eye-catching posters and point-of-sale items that attract attention and do not fade easily over a long period of time. Customers printing posters can produce borderless prints using the full roll width, that removes the time-consuming task of trimming margins after printing.

Deeper reds and sharper contrasts for CAD and design drawings
Users can create vivid posters easily with the new imagePROGRAF TM series

Improved design and user interface

The new flat-top design makes it easier to switch paper rolls, and the printers automatically detect and display paper type² and estimate how much paper is remaining. With built-in colour calibration functionality³, these labour-saving features contribute to greater operational efficiency.

The large touch screen panel shows the paper width and type, as well as ink levels. Its angle can be adjusted for the user’s easier viewing. The design also helps to reduce operating noise across the series. For example, on TM-240 and TM-340 models, the noise is reduced to around 39 decibels (dB) which is approximately 1/3 lower than their predecessors.

Yoshinori Moritaki, General Manager Product Marketing at Canon Oceania comments, “The new imagePROGRAF TM series creates incredibly vibrant prints, with a smaller footprint and less noise, setting a new standard for compact large format printers. Ideal for office or retail environments with restricted space, this printer is capable of efficiently producing a wide variety of print applications that are traditionally outsourced, from CAD drawings to posters and retail POS materials, without compromising quality.”

Progress on sustainability

Canon is committed to its efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact throughout all of its operations. Expanded polystyrene foam has also been eliminated from the products’ packing materials in favour of full cardboard packaging.

Integrated software makes it easy to create well-designed posters and flyers

The TM series printers are supplied with Direct Print Plus software so multiple files in different formats can be batch printed by a simple drag-and-drop operation, helping users to print drawings efficiently. For promotional applications, customers can use Canon’s PosterArtist web application to create original poster and flyer designs from a wide range of free templates to suit their needs.


TM-355, TM-350, TM-340, TM-255, TM-250 and TM-240 will be commercially available this month from Canon and accredited partners.

¹ A1 landscape uncoated paper drawing, fastest print setting. The time from the start of printing until the paper is cut. Against "imagePROGRAF TM-305/300" (released November 2018).
² Manual selection of paper type required for first time operation.
³ Between TM-240 and TM-340, and between TM-250, 350, 255, 355.
⁴ Comparing sound energy when printing on standard uncoated paper, line drawing and text and in standard mode. The conventional model in the same class is "imagePROGRAF TM-300/200" (released in November 2018).

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