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Canon unveils its first smart camera set to transform how creators capture content

24th March 2022

Intelligent videography and photography companion, the PowerShot PICK allows creators to capture content while the camera automatically follows the action

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 24 March 2022: Canon Australia today introduces the PowerShot PICK, a small and smart camera, which automatically captures Full HD 60P video and high-quality 11.7MP still images. Part of Canon’s continued commitment to redefining imaging technology, the PowerShot PICK’s smart features such as automatic capture of video and still imagery are set to reimagine how creators capture content. This clever palm-sized camera allows for easy content creation as the PowerShot PICK automatically pans and tilts to keep the subject at the centre of attention with no need for content creators to stay behind the lens. This makes it ideal for capturing content such as cooking, fitness, and dance demonstrations as well as make-up tutorials.

PowerShot PICK gives creators the freedom to capture content while the camera follows the action
PowerShot PICK will take content creation to a new level for a range of vloggers, Youtubers and online gamers adding dynamic camera movements and tracking to their video content. Content creators can place PowerShot PICK on a surface and start recording via the dedicated smartphone app1 and the camera will track the subject as they move through the frame. The camera also has voice command capabilities for hands-free control to capture video or still images.

When used as a vlogging camera on a hand grip, PowerShot PICK’s unique feature set of image stabilizer, combined with a flexible pan-and-tilt zoom lens, work hand-in-hand with human tracking allowing the subject to always be kept in the centre of the frame. Its 19-57mm focal length range offers a broad field of view of 340˚ horizontally and 110˚ vertically to follow the action. Additionally thanks to the simple yet compact design, USB-C charging2 and built-in Wi-Fi, which links to smart devices, allows the PowerShot PICK to be fully portable.

Brendan Maher, Senior Manager – Product Marketing at Canon Australia comments: “The PowerShot PICK is ideal for video content creators who are looking to grow their audiences, particularly those who have reached limits with their current gear and want something more dynamic that can follow and allow them to freely move around the frame without the need for a second person to film. PICK will allow content creators to focus on expressing themselves as they don’t have to stop and start to set up the next shot or frame. It’ll capture those meticulously planned scenes but also the unexpected moments, that can help build authentic audience connections.”

Georgia Productions, who has collaborated3 with Canon to launch the PowerShot PICK said: “As a fan and user of Canon gear, I was very excited to try their latest camera. Usually, when shooting content, I move out of frame and have to stop filming, but PowerShot PICK lets me stay in frame the whole time because it follows my movements. This palm-sized camera is super cute and handy and has the potential to revolutionise the way creators capture content, giving us the freedom to move and express ourselves naturally without the need for camera crew.”

Georgia Productions pictured with Canon’s PowerShot PICK

Easily locate the best shots
Look back on a digital scrapbook of candid moments with PowerShot PICK’s iOS and Android app4 and get recommendations from this clever camera on the strongest shots to keep. Videos and photos are also stored on a memory card for easy upload to a computer. Manually control the camera with the app to compose the perfect shot and capture content from a distance5, all without the need to run back and forth to check the device. Creators can even customise automatic shooting settings, angle the lens to capture images in their own style and select familiar faces within the app to increase priority when shooting.

PICK is also ideal for families and more casual content creators who want to capture unexpected memories with family and friends. Offering fully automated shooting, users can place PICK in a location, and it will intelligently search the scene and take video and photos independently allowing everyone to get in the frame and enjoy the moment. The PowerShot PICK can also double as a webcam with the use of the PC webcam utility app6.

To view Georgia Productions video featuring and captured with the PowerShot PICK visit here.

Pricing and availability
Pricing will be set at dealers’ discretion, with an RRP of $629.00 (incl. GST). Available in Australia from 30 March 2022, more information on the PowerShot PICK can be found here: 

PowerShot PICK key features:
• Automatically adjusts composition and captures video and stills
• Smooth and high-speed tracking achieved with Nano USM focus technology
• Reduces shaky footage by combining mechanical control and digital IS
• Pan-and-tilt zoom lens, with a range of 340˚ pan and 110˚ tilt and a 19-57mm (equivalent) zoom lens
• Built-in 3x optical zoom
• Recognition technology with the ability to prioritise certain faces
• Manual control and image management via the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam7
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®8 enabled makes connecting to smartphones and tablets easy9

1 Users need to install the Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ cam. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Available via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2 USB-C charging requires power delivery compatible USB-C charger with output current 9V DC / 2A or more for charging (sold separately)

3 Georgia Productions is a paid collaborator with Canon Australia Pty Ltd.

4 Users must install the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam. Available via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

5 Tracking distance is up to 5 metres

6 Users need to install the Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ cam. Available via Apple App Store or Google Play Store on compatible smartphone or smart devices

7 Users need to install the Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ cam. Available via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

8 The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Canon Inc. is under license. Requires smart device to be equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0 (or later). Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

9 Also requires smart device to be using operating system iOS 8.4 (or later) or Android 5.0 (or later).

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