Canon’s MFPs win Buyers Lab’s Line of the Year, again

14th February 2018

Canon Australia is excited to announce that its Multifunction Printers have won Buyers Lab’s (BLI) Copier MFP Line of the Year Award, for the third consecutive year.

Buyers Lab is the world’s leading authority on document imaging devices and software solutions. Its Line of the Year award is one of Buyers Lab’s most coveted awards and is given once a year to the vendor whose product line is determined to be the best overall, with models at every level that excel in Buyers Lab’s rigorous laboratory evaluations.

George Mikolay, Associate Director of Copiers/Production for Keypoint Intelligence- Buyers Lab, said: “The models in Canon’s copier MFP line are running three years strong as trailblazers in their respective segments. Each of the 14 current models Buyers Lab  tested tout easily-replaceable components, extraordinarily comprehensive usability, and an astonishing overall misfeed rate of just 1 every 426,000 impressions, making them some of the most productive and reliable machines to pass through our labs to date.”

“The surplus of workflow-expediting, cost-cutting solutions each device supports are the icing on the cake, and the machines will produce high quality printed and copied output that businesses of all types will be ecstatic about,” added Mikolay.

Canon currently has a total of 13 Copier MFP Pick awards. In addition, all 14 of Canon’s Copier MFP models tested have earned a Highly Recommended rating.

Gavin Gomes, Director, Canon Business Services, said Canon’s Australian business was incredibly excited to receive this award again in 2018.

“The Buyers Lab Line of the Year award really is one of the most respected and prestigious awards in our business. We were honoured to win this award in 2016, but to win it three years in a row is a great achievement for our business and our people. This recognition truly reflects the quality of Canon’s technology and our commitment to developing efficient and customisable office solutions that keep digital security top of mind and make life just a little bit easier for our customers.”

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