Don’t Look Away: Internationally acclaimed photographer Stephen Dupont lifts the curtain on conflict photography

17th March 2017

 Mark Goodwin

Photo Credit: Mark Goodwin

Sydney, Australia, 16 March 2017 – Multi-award winning conflict photographer and Canon Master, Stephen Dupont unveiled his latest project, Don’t Look Away, at an exclusive showing in Sydney last night at the Eternity Playhouse Theatre. Dupont took viewers on a powerful 60-minute rollercoaster ride through the world of humanity, inhumanity and insanity – spanning genocides and wars in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Vietnam, and much more. 

Don’t Look Away will debut publicly in Sydney for the first time at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia later this year, before continuing to tour nationally.

Mixing live scripted and ad lib moments against a backdrop of arresting photographs and film footage from the frontlines, Don’t Look Away compels its audience to question their place in the world and examine memories of significant historic events. In an intimate theatre environment, the photojournalist draws his audience into the stories and events he survived to share, delivering a message of hope for the human spirit. 

“Don’t Look Away tells us war is wrong, suffering can be immoral and cruel, and yet, the human spirit is unbreakable. I want people to relive some of the stories and events I experienced, to question their own role and memories of these moments and to not forget. We all need to be concerned right now. Don’t Look Away won’t just resonate with Australians; the show will be felt deeply from any audience with a sense of compassion and humanity,” says Dupont. 

“After my mum passed away, I felt I needed to look into my life and close some doors. That meant going through my archive and taking the journey of a lifetime all over again. I looked back and saw that so many of my photographs had gone unpublished, and I realised I had a visual and written diary cataloguing events over more than 25 years. This inspired me to expose myself and tell the unknown stories that I had personally witnessed, which changed my life forever”, says Dupont, a recipient of some of the photography industry’s most prestigious prizes, including a Robert Capa Gold Medal citation, awarded for photographic reporting requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.

“Don’t Look Away is a truly arresting showcase, and an example of Stephen’s ability to reinvent his art and continually show us what’s possible through photography and film,”said Canon’s Director of Consumer Imaging, Jason McLean. 

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On the back of sold-out performances at the January Mofo Festival by MONA in Hobart, last night’s closed-door performance precedes public showings at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on the following dates:

Saturday, 27th May 2017 at 7pm
Tuesday, 6th June 2017 at 7pm
Thursday, 15th June 2017 at 7pm
Friday, 16th June 2017 at 7pm

The show will then continue on a national tour.

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