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Limited Editions. Unlimited Craft: SUNSTUDIOS expands its offering with the launch of new print marketplace, SUN Editions

20th April 2021

Ingvar Kenne, Michaela Skovranova, Steven Chee, and Toby Burrows amongst the first nine artists to offer art buyers and collectors exclusive fine-art prints via the new platform.

A framed ‘Futuro House, Joshua Tree' artwork by Nicole Reed, courtesy of SUN Edition
A framed ‘Futuro House, Joshua Tree' artwork by Nicole Reed, courtesy of SUN Editions

Sydney, AUSTRALIA - 20 April 2021: SUNSTUDIOS, backed by Canon Australia, today launches SUN Editions – a new online fine-art print marketplace, created to directly connect discerning art buyers with leading Australian artists through the meticulous craft of art and photography.

The SUN Editions platform makes a diverse, curated range of limited-edition photographic artworks available to purchase nationwide and internationally, with each piece prepared in close collaboration with the artist.

SUN Editions also enables buyers to customise each piece of art according to their personal style by offering three print sizes to select from, and premium framing options. Then, each piece is brought to life using SUNSTUDIOS’ state-of-the-art Canon print facilities and fine-art printing expertise.

SUN Editions prints will start from AUD$800.00 for 650mm x 650mm prints, working up to AUD$4000.00 for 2200mm x 1520mm prints.

SUN Editions launches in the wake of a challenging year for Australia’s creative industries, with thousands of commercial photographers losing work over a sustained period of months. According to the Australian Government Job Outlook portal, there are currently over 17,000 photographers working across Australia, and while prospects look strong by 2024, there is no available data to predict current or future income over the next two to three years1.

Through its online gallery platform, SUN Editions aims to extend the exposure of commercial photographers to potential buyers to alleviate some of the pressure on creators to generate personal income, while providing access to SUNSTUDIOS imaging and print experts who can help finesse their craft even further.

“Supporting commercial photographers and videographers is what we at SUNSTUDIOS are passionate about, and our SUN Editions platform is a unique way for us to connect the best Australian talent with buyers looking for exclusive pieces of art for their homes, offices, or gallery spaces,” says Luke Harrison, Senior Business Manager, SUNSTUDIOS.

“We’re confident that the art buying community will find value in SUN Editions as a platform to purchase incredible art pieces and foster relationships with the best talent in Australian photography.”

SUN Edition’s first line-up features nine established artists from across the nation, including: Ingvar Kenne, Michaela Skovranova, Nicole Reed, Paul Blackmore, Sarah Pannell, Saskia Wilson, Simon Harsent, Steven Chee, and Toby Burrows.

Each of the flagship artists have made between eight and ten works available for sale exclusively on SUN Editions for a 12-month period or until sold out. While the art pieces will be available in up to three print sizes, only ten editions of each size print will be sold per artwork, making each piece limited-edition.

Further benefits include giving buyers direct access to SUNSTUDIOS’ inhouse print experts to discuss customisation options such as premium paper finishes and framing for their piece. The outcome is unmatched quality craft for both the artist and the buyer.

“After a rather strange and most difficult year for most of us, it has been great to be included in SUN Editions in the company of eight other amazing photo artists” says Ingvar Kenne, internationally celebrated photographer. “Forced down-time has given me the perfect amount of space needed to make new work and explore old techniques.”

“The SUN Editions team has curated a beautiful website and, in combination with SUNSTUDIOS masterful printing expertise, I know my work will be delivered at the highest standards.”

Ingvar Kenne, internationally celebrated photographer

SUNSTUDIOS plans to evolve SUN Editions in late 2021, inviting new artists to exhibit and sell their work online in seasonal increments.

To view the SUN Editions gallery, visit:

1 Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024. Information gathered via the Australian Government Job Portal as of 19th March 2021:

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