Multifunction Device Cashback

See below to claim your cashback

  • Form

    1. Fill in the claim form online

    Let us know who you are and where to deposit your cash.

  • Receipt

    2. Upload your receipt

    Simply upload a copy of your receipt and we’ll validate it (that’s the legal stuff) and then we’ll process your claim.

  • Money

    3. Get your cashback

    This is the good bit. Once we’ve validated your claim we’ll deposit your cash within 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the key dates?

    The Promotion starts on 1st July 2020 and ends on 31 October 2020 (Promotion Period).

  • What are the eligible products and cashback amounts?

    See below for a list of all the eligible products and the cash back amount. Multiple claims are permitted provided that each claim is made on the basis of a separate eligible purchase on a separate receipt. No more than 5 devices are to be claimed per customer.

    Eligible Model

    20-30 A3 ppm colour MFD
    iR-ADV C3520i / C3530i/ DX C3720i / DX C3730i
    31-40 A3 ppm colour MFD
    iR-ADV C5535i / C5540i / DX C5736i / DX C5740i
    41-50 A3 ppm colour MFD
    iR-ADV C5550i / DX C5750i
    51-69 A3 ppm colour MFD
    iR-ADV C5560i / DX C5760i / C7565i / DX C7765i
    70-90 A3 ppm colour MFD
    iR-ADV C7570i, C7580i / DX C7770i / DX C7780i
  • I've submitted my claim online, what next?

    Once you've uploaded a copy of your receipt, that's all we need to start the cashback process. The team will be in touch once validated.
  • When will my cashback arrive?

    Once your claim is submitted and verified, you should expect your cash back within 14 days.

  • I'm having trouble completing the claim form online, what should I do?

    We're sorry that you are having trouble completing your claim. Our support team will be happy to help. Call 1800 960 733 or email us
  • What are the terms and conditions?


    Read full terms and conditions, here
  • Can this offer be used in conjunction with any other cashback offer?

    This promotion is not available in conjunction with any other Canon cashback offer.