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Achieving Sustainability Goals in Health

To survive and remain profitable, organisations need to find new ways to improve efficiencies.

You can’t pick up a newspaper or click your social media feed online without seeing something about sustainability goals. Ever since the UN developed the 17 Sustainability Goals in 2016, they have been in the news. And for the healthcare sector, they are especially critical.

In Australia, healthcare organisations face unique challenges, including rising costs and compliance with rigorous government regulations. Stricter security standards to safeguard patient information, as well as state and federal sustainability targets are just two. To survive and remain profitable, organisations need to find new ways to improve efficiencies.

At Canon Oceania, we are committed to growing our business responsibly. We use innovation, technology and services to contribute to a sustainable society. We do our part for the environment, and we create products and services that help our customers to do the same.

We work with our customers to help reduce their carbon footprint and reach their sustainability targets. One way that we do this is through uniFLOW, which supports our customers in the healthcare industry achieve their sustainability goals.

About uniFLOW

uniFLOW is a software platform that helps organisations manage their printing. It gives them centralised control of printing-related functions such as office printing, production printing, document scanning, mobile printing and device management. uniFLOW also manages individual users, groups, rules, security permissions and cost centres.

uniFLOW has unique capabilities for print management and offers our customers many benefits. It reduces printing and copying costs by reducing IT overheads with multiple printer drivers. Our customers frequently regain the initial expense of uniFLOW within months of their purchase.

By managing business processes, uniFLOW makes many tasks more efficient. Users can print and scan more productively, which allows them to focus on priority tasks and profitability.

In the era of cyber-crime and data breaches, uniFLOW also increases data security. uniFLOW keeps documents secure by restricting access to device functionality to specific users, groups or departments.

uniFLOW’s environmental benefits

uniFLOW delivers significant environmental benefits. It reduces print waste by automatically deleting unreleased print jobs. It allows organisations to set printing policies that reduce waste, such as default duplex and black and white.

Importantly, uniFLOW allows organisations to develop and implement their environmental strategies. It produces insightful data such as the number of jobs not printed and the number of duplex prints. It identifies inefficient printing habits and allocates print costs to individual users, departments or projects. Organisations can use this data to improve sustainability reporting.

uniFLOW for healthcare organisations

  • Cost controls: Customers can track expenses and create detailed reports to identify inefficient printing behaviours. Users can select which cost centres to charge their job to, increasing cost control and resource allocations.
  • Practical tasks and workflows: uniFLOW allows users to create personalised time-saving workflows, in which they see relevant scan and print jobs. Users can use automatic text recognition technology to convert scanned documents to PDF quickly.
  • Secure printing: uniFLOW ensures print jobs are stored within a user’s person queue until they release them at a device. This prevents leaking of confidential patient and employee information.
  • Sustainability strategies: uniFLOW tracks printing jobs and generates data for reporting and sustainability strategies. Oversight of print costs encourages responsible printing habits among teams.

uniFLOW is a print management solution that offers many benefits to the healthcare industry. It reduces paper waste and captures data that can be used to create and attain sustainability goals. Through lower costs and improved efficiencies, uniFLOW helps organisations focus on their core business of patient care.

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