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Canon's Security Solutions for the Legal Industry

Confidentiality is essential in the legal profession and the stakes are high for your clients and your professional reputation. Canon’s iR-ADV Gen III Series III multifunction devices are designed to boost efficiency and are packed with security features to minimise the risk of cyber-attack.

As a legal practitioner, maintaining your clients’ confidentiality is essential - a cyber threat could put their lives and/or livelihoods at risk and damage your business and professional reputation.

The legal profession is constantly under attack by malicious cyber criminals. Additionally, data breaches often take place due to errors and deliberate actions by team members.

Canon has designed its family of iR-ADV Gen III Series III multifunction devices to optimise workflow efficiencies for legal firms while protecting data security. These user friendly devices are affordable and network ready to enable your team to share, copy, fax, scan and print documents at speed and in in high quality. Loaded with multi-layered security solutions, like built-in device security, device and document access controls, and encryption features, this innovative family of MFDs is set to help safeguard all of your sensitive data.

Contact Canon to find out how we can help you secure your information. Tel: 1300 620 856 

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