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Why you need to bring your production printing in-house

If you want to produce better quality printed materials and save money, it might be time to consider an in-house production printing solution.

Let’s begin by tackling a myth one hears in many Australian organisations these days. Paperless workplaces are cheaper to run and more efficient.

Not necessarily.

There are scores of businesses and organisations that need quality, cost-effective printing solutions on site. Architects, lawyers, publishers, design agencies, consultancies, cultural institutions and government departments all rely on the printed page, as do many other Australian businesses. The problem is, when you outsource your professional print needs you cede control to the supplier. Suddenly, you’re faced with privacy and quality concerns, expensive printing bills and a less efficient operation.

Keeping your printing in-house—or bringing it back in-house if you’ve outsourced it—puts you back in control. By managing your professional printing needs in-house, you control:
 • Quality
 • Cost
 • Timings

A professional, multifunction printer from Canon gives you the flexibility to test artwork, layout and paper stock, produce small print runs, and produce work whenever you need it.

Introducing Canon imagePRESS V Series

The imagePRESS V Series printers are light-to mid-volume production digital colour presses designed to offer impressive productivity, repeatable colour, and incredible automation. imagePRESS V Series printers deliver:
Highly accurate printing
Stable colour production
Stunning output
Incredibly versatility
Advanced workflow integration

To print in-house or not to print in-house?

There are many reasons to manage your printing in-house. Let’s look at the main ones.

1. Cost savings

Outsourcing print can be expensive when you factor in some of the added costs, such as shipping and handling. In-house production allows businesses to avoid expensive printing invoices and take control of their print needs.

2. Efficiency

With an in-house printing solution, you can print on demand, enjoy faster turnarounds and produce professional grade products on site. An imagePRESS V Series production printer can even handle long print runs. What’s more, the Job Scheduler feature allows you to plan ahead while the intuitive interface helps operators easily manage jobs, from composition through to production.

3. Flexibility

In-house print production allows businesses to customise their print materials to their exact specifications. Whether you’re producing highly detailed plans or polished reports, imagePRESS V Series printers can handle everything from envelopes to 400gsm stock.

4. Quality

An in-house print solution gives you control over the quality of your output. imagePRESS V Series printers feature Inline Spectrophotometers, which help automate press linearization, colour calibration and profiling, and Compact Registration Technology that delivers excellent registration accuracy and consistency even on large and heavy media. In short, an in-house print solution allows you to produce professional grade work and avoid costly reprints.

5. Security

Finally, printing in-house is more secure. An in-house print solution helps keep documents secure by eliminating the risk of unauthorised access at a third party supplier, while PIN and swipe access guard against malicious or accidental intrusion on-site. Bringing your printing in-house will help you avoid data breaches, legal consequences and reputational damage.

As you can see, there are a host of reasons why it makes sense to manage your printing needs in-house. For many businesses, it’s a no-brainer. What makes sense for your organisation?

For more information on production printing for your organisation, visit our Professional Printing webpage or get in contact with us today.

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