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Full Frame 5.9K CMOS Sensor

Employing the DV7 high-speed image processing platform, the camera enables 5.9K/60p, 4K/60p and 2K/120p recording for the highest resolution. In-camera 5.9K Cinema RAW Light Recording is also possible.

  • Completely Customisable

    The EOS C500 Mark II has been produced in a revolutionary compact and modular design which allows users to freely customise the camera to meet their shooting needs, including the ability to interchange the camera's mounts and add on a number of optional extension units.

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  • Cinema RAW Light Recording

    Employing Cinema RAW Light, a video format that allows for reduced file sizes while retaining video information, the EOS C500 Mark II makes possible the internal recording of RAW data without the use of an external recorder. The camera also supports XF-AVC, a video format that efficiently records compressed video data.

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Cinema RAW Light And XF-AVC Recording

The EOS C500 Mark II supports two types of file formats to enable easier data ingestion for card recording, and makes 4K and HDR recording more accessible to the user.

  • EOS C500 Mark II and lenses

    The newly developed DIGIC DV7 image processor boasts high data processing power while suppressing unwanted noise.

  • EOS C500 Mark II electronic viewfinder
    Faster Focusing

    The EOS C500 Mark II boasts ground-breaking AF technology, using a CMOS sensor with a construction that combines the functions of both imaging and phase difference AF. When used with the LCD Monitor LM-V2 with touch panel support, the Dual Pixel CMOS AF provides sophisticated focusing with a single operator.

Jaguar F-Pace film shot on EOS C500 Mark II
Make your masterpiece

Craft your perfect cinematic camera with the EOS C500 Mark II. Own it with 1.99% PA Interest.

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