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A True Hybrid System

Sharing many of the same specifications with the EOS R5, the EOS R5 C incorporates additional professional video features, creating a high-performance workhorse capable of capturing high quality 45MP images, as well as shoot up to 8K 60p¹ video.

  • 8K Video Support

    The EOS R5 C is the first Cinema EOS System camera to provide internal 8K 60p recording. This allows for highly flexible workflow, such as 4K cropping from 8K footage without any loss in quality. The R5 C can also record 8K in the versatile MP4 format, as well as allow for lighter proxy video recording in 8K for more efficiant editing and previewing.

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  • Enhanced Video Performance

    Combining the photo performance of the EOS R5 as well as the video performance of a Cinema EOS camera, the EOS R5 C includes many additional video feaures to allow for a better user experience. A new timecode terminal, a wider selection of recording format options and an expanded video interface brings new life to the 5 series camera.

Microphone and lens not included and can be purchased separately.
Dual Card Slots For Simultaneous RAW Recording
Dual Card Slots For Simultaneous RAW Recording

The R5 C boasts dual card slots, allowing simultaneous recording. Options in different file formats, resolutions, and colour sampling can be assigned according to workflow requirements.

  • Newly Developed Internal Cooling Fan
    Newly Developed Internal Cooling Fan

    The R5 C has adopted a newly developed, heat dissipating design with a built-in cooling fan system that keeps internal temperature from rising, along with airflow separate from the main board. Dramatic improvement of the thermal design achieves long hours of extended recording, even in high-quality 8K 60p video¹.

  • Compatibility with Canon VR RF lens
    Compatibility with Canon VR RF lens

    High-resolution VR images and video can be shot by attatching the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye, a stereoscopic RF mount fisheye lens designed for VR movie shooting, to the R5 C².

¹ 8K 60p recording requires connection to an external power source via either the combination of DR-E6C DC coupler + CA-946 power adapter (RF and EF lenses via EF-EOSR lens adapter); or PD-E1 USB Power adapter (RF lenses only). These accessories are available for purchase separately. 

² Canon’s EOS VR Utility or EOS VR Plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro are required to perform the equirectangular conversion of recorded 180° VR images from a compatible camera. A trial use of Canon’s app with still images and videos under 2 minutes is free of charge. When exporting (EOS VR Utility) / importing (EOS VR Plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro) videos 2 minutes of longer, a paid subscription is required.
The Ultimate Hybrid Camera
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