Crisp sound. Superb performance
Man in skateboard

The Directional Microphone DM-E100 can help experienced videographers and aspiring filmmakers alike achieve high-quality audio when recording video using a compatible Canon EOS digital camera with a microphone jack.

  • DM E100 Mic with wind muff
    A clever microphone in noisy situations

    The DM-E100 (120°directional stereo microphone) allows you to shoot in a noisy environment without recording too much ambient noise, so the sounds you do want to record are crisp and sharp.

  • DM E100 mic and HG100 tripod
    Perfect for vloggers

    The DM-E100 combined with the HG100-TBR tripod (sold separately) enables you to shoot movies and dynamic sound while using the grip. Perfect for when you're vlogging on the go or travelling.

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