The vloggers tripod
HG100 TBR The vlogger's tripod

The HG100-TBR is a compact and lightweight bluetooth tripod and works best with compact cameras and small mirrorless cameras. Weighing just 179g, the camera mount can be rotated 360°, while the angle can be adjusted 90° forward and 45° backward. It also supports 90° tilt and vertical shooting, perfect for Instagram stories.

  • HG100 TBR tripod grip for use in two styles
    For use in two styles

    Use in a handheld grip style to help stabilise the camera for smooth shooting. The camera mount can also be tilted and set in the vertical position- perfect for when you're shooting quality video for your Instagram stories. You can also easily record images and video from a fixed point at any time. When detaching the Wireless Remote Control BR-E1 (comes bundled), you can operate the zoom, autofocus and shutter of the camera from a distance.

  • HG100 TBR tripod grip with removable bluetooth controller
    Removeable Bluetooth Remote Controller

    The HG100-TBR comes bundled with a Wireless Remote Control BR-E1, which clips into the tripod and can be removed easily. After pairing the controller with a camera, you can wirelessly control the auto focus and shutter from a distance.

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