High on speed and quality

DR C225 II Angle

Compact and easy to use

The DR-C225ii is the easy and convenient way to capture your important documents in high quality from your desktop. With user-friendly touch screen controls, a space-saving design and smart features to automatically adjust documents, this scanner is economical and efficient for every office environment.

  • Easy and intuitive

    With intuitive icons, users are up and scanning in no time. Pre-set your favourite scanning settings for activation at a single touch.

    Easy set up icon
  • Dimensional colour correction icon

    3-Dimensional Colour Correction

    Exceptional colour accuracy that's true to the original document with 3-Dimensional Colour Correction pinpointing the exact RGB coordinates.

  • Background smoothin icon

    Background Smoothing

    Background smoothing reduces unevenness and smooths scanned document data ensuring the finished file is crisp, clear and ready to store or share.

  • compatible with windows and mac icon

    Compatible for Windows & Mac users

    A friendly option. Flexible for every environment and every user, the DR-C225 contains drivers for both Windows & Mac.

  • quick simple quiet icon

    Logic, speed and efficiency

    Easy functionality. Position documents with the printed side facing you, check the display screen, confirm the order of multiple sheets and hit go.

  • image deskew icon

    Perfectly aligned every time

    A smart de-skew function detects skewed angles from lines and characters in your document and automatically straightens them for great results.

  • double feed detection icon

    Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection

    Ultrasonic sensors detect gaps between overlapping pages and prevent them from going through the scanner at the same time. Now you're assured of avoiding double ups without having to double-check.

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