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Jackie Ranken

A long time lover of fine-art monochromatic photography, AIPP and NIPP Grand Master, Jackie Ranken combines her practice with teaching, exhibiting and instructing nationally and internationally.

Image by Jackie Ranken, Canon Master
For the art of place.
Thrown into the spotlight after a personal series of landscape photographs won her AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year in 2002, Jackie has evolved a distinctive style that creates multi-layered narratives through in-camera multiple exposure, and movement. Today, she runs Creative Photography Workshops in Twizel, with her partner, fellow Canon Master Mike Langford.
“While my favourite Canon product is the latest Canon EOS system, I have a soft spot for my Canon Pro 1000 printer. The printed image has far greater chance of surviving long into the future than any digital file stored on my hard drive.”

Jackie Ranken

Image of Canon Master Jackie Ranken


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