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Feature Image by: @jonagrey

Top 10 Destinations for Travel Photography

Finding the right destination to visit (and photograph) can be a challenge even for the most seasoned traveller, so to help you we reached out to some of the best travel photographers in our community for their recommendations on the countries we should be adding to our bucket list.

And when it comes to what’s hot—expect the less typical destinations.

Here are their top 10.


Photo of the Rainbow Mountain. Image by Jordan Hammond

“Peru is one of my favourite travel destinations to shoot both landscapes and portraits. Its wealth and diversity of culture, food and nature is incredible to witness and photograph.”

“From the peaks of the Peruvian Andes and deserts of Huacachina to the local people and alpacas of Sacred Valley, Peru really is heaven for photographers. Whatever style of photography you’re into, whether it be street, landscape, nature or documentary, you are sure to find inspiration at every turn in this vibrant country.” Jordan Hammond

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Photo of the Shirahige Shrine, Lake Biwa Japan. Image by @Itchban

“It’s difficult to take a bad photo in Japan. Everything just seems so much more aesthetically pleasing over there. The cities are vast, with so much going on, and the landscapes are every bit as scenic as you’ve seen in all the films and photos.” – itchban

Check out itchban’s guide on photographing Japan, including local advice and gear recommendations.


Photo of Morraine Lake. Image by Tony Irving

“Each time I have visited the Canadian Rockies I have had unique experiences. Visiting in three different seasons I have seen the lakes completely iced over. At other times it has been surrounded by snow-capped mountains that touch the turquoise blue water that is so bright it nearly doesn’t look real.

“On location it is possible to hike from the mountainous-mirrored lakes to spectacular meadows that are found high up in the mountains to capture a variety of spaces all in the one moment in time. This is what makes Canada a photographers dream.”

Tony Irving


Photo of Chefchaouen, Morocco. Image by Brook Rushton

“Morocco is a total feast for the senses and a paradise for photographers. Around every corner is an intricate mosaic, beautiful texture, colour or experience. The atmosphere is completely immersive and it’s easy to become lost in the warmth and bustle of this North African wonderland.”

There is a real, palpable sense of magic which leaves you in a constant state of anticipation—I found the simple act of walking, exploring and discreetly observing to yield many beautiful photographs and part of the joy of exploring Morocco is the spontaneity of things unfolding before your lens. The key is to take your camera everywhere and be ready for fleeting moments of beauty.”  Brook Rushton


Photo of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Image by Melissa Findley

“India will get inside you, turn everything upside down and rip it right out of you.

The colour in everything will never look the same. Taste and smell will be intertwined in the sweetest and deadliest way. Your hands will be dirty, your hair messy, your heart full.

The beauty in the finest details of the intricate mosaic ceilings, the colorful frescoes and all their complex designs. Beautiful details await you around every corner, between the regal palaces and crowded bazaars, where smiles and gestures transcend language barriers.

“A country whose past bleeds through the modern noise, one very diverse, enchanting and incredibly photogenic country.”

Melissa Findley

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Photo of Ylläs , Lapland. Image by Elaine Li

“Finland is a unique destination to visit not just for photography but for the experiences themselves. From seeing auroras with your own eyes to going on snowmobile rides, it’s definitely an unforgettable journey.”  Elaine Li

Egypt & Jordan

Photo of the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan. Image by Jonathan Grey Mendoza

“Both Egypt and Jordan are uniquely historical and archaeological countries, rich in history, culture, world-class diving sites and are home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.”

“If any of the Seven Wonders are high up on your travel photo bucket list then you’ll find two here: The Great Pyramid of Giza and The Lost City of Petra. Photos of these biblically enormous structures are impressive enough, let alone when placed against a dreamy desert backdrop.” – Jonathan Grey Mendoza

Northern Lights

Photo of Kvalvika Beach, Norway. Image by Neil Bloom

“The Northern Lights were the main reason for me wanting to live at the top of the world. I was hooked from the very first moment I saw them. Norway’s landscapes are a photographer’s dream, and the Northern Lights are unbelievably beautiful.” Neil Bloem

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Image by Steph Vella

“Known for its otherworldly beauty and vast, contrasting landscapes, Iceland is the perfect playground for budding and professional photographers alike.”

From gigantic waterfalls and incredible glaciers to majestic wild horses and the jaw dropping Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes that Mother Nature has to offer.” – Steph Vella

Check out Steph’s guide on photographing Iceland, including local advice and gear recommendations.


Morondava, Madagascar. Image by Canon Collective Ambassador, Jay Collier

“Just about everything you lay your eyes on or photograph is truly unique to Madagascar and as a photographer, this leaves you with an endless list of highly unique opportunities to photography the wild, the strange, and the rare.

From the capital of Antananarivo to the seaside fishing villages of Morondava, and the people living in the deep forested mountains throughout the island, the opportunity for photographing Madagascar’s people and way of living is infinite. You will be glued to your window with a camera in hand everywhere you go.” – Jay Collier