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Streamline AP processes and improve productivity through automation

See the Integrated solution with Xero in Action

Faster, easier and more accurate
Streamline your Accounts Payable Process with Canon
AP solution designed for your business
Our AP Solution come in different sizes
  • AP Plus for individual icon

    AP with Xero Integration

    AP with Xero Integration is designed for a single user responsible for the day to day accounts payable function in your business. Including receiving, entering, coding and paying your invoice.

  • AP Plus for teams icon

    AP + with Xero Integration

    AP + with Xero Integration is Canon’s full offering designed for a business with an AP department and more than one business approver. This will include workflow routing to different people to complete AP tasks such as coding and invoice approval.

AP Plus for individuals table icon  AP Plus for teams table icon 
Automatic vendor identification (by ABN and/or Supplier Name) red tick red tick
Automatic invoice data capture red tick red tick
Line item extraction red tick red tick
Duplicate Invoice checking red tick red tick
Xero PO matching red tick red tick
Automatic item account coding by supplier default red tick red tick
Automatic override of invoice payment terms by supplier red tick red tick
Synchronisation with Xero red tick red tick
Tracking of Xero categories/projects on invoice red tick red tick
User workflow approval with exception handling Single User Multiple Users
Delegation and approval workflow for coding red tick red tick
Exception handling red tick red tick
Mobile access red tick red tick
Online Document Storage backed up on-shore 10GB 10GB +
Canon’s AP solution process with Xero
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AP+ process guided videos
Let us help you with getting on with your daily tasks….
  • Approve an invoice task

    Approve an invoice task

    The approve an invoice video will show the AP team how to check, approve or send an invoice back to a business user.

  • Assign a coder task

    Assign a coder task

    The assign coder video will show the AP team how to assign a business user to an invoice who will code an invoice if necessary.

  • Code an invoice task

    Code an invoice task

    The code an invoice will show the business user how to navigate to the invoice index in order to choose which account codes should be assigned to the invoice.

Administration tasks
  • Update reference data process

    Update Reference Data Process

    The update reference data video will show how to manually synchronise the reference data between Xero and Therefore if needed. Examples of data that may need this is when account codes or contact information is updated outside of an automatic synchronisation.

  • Apply Xero payment

    Apply Xero Payment

    The apply Xero payment video will show how to process a payment in the Therefore system rather than in Xero.

Exception handling
  • Handle duplicate invoice

    Handle Duplicate Invoice

    The handle duplicate invoice video will show you how to resolve a task that is created when the system detects a duplicate invoice.

  • Handle validation error

    Handle Validation Error

    The handle validation error video will show you how to handle an error if Xero rejects an invoice from being uploaded.

  • No supplier found

    No Supplier Found

    The no supplier found video will show you how to handle a task if the system cannot determine the supplier for an invoice.

Tax handling
The tax handling video will explain how the system can work with different tax or GST scenarios that you may need come across in your accounts payable process.

Tax handling explained

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