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  • Fast, accurate and safer than ever

    With a pixel pitch of 125 microns, these panels are versatile, accurate and safer than ever before. The CXDI-402C Wireless and CXDI-702C Wireless detectors employ the fast and stable IEEE 802.11n (2.4/5.0 GHz) standard for multiple channel bonding. Image data is transmitted between the sensor unit and the laptop computer reliably and securely.

  • Tight security features

    Featuring advanced security, this product complies with HIPAA regulations - the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which ensures portability & accountability of medical insurance.

  • Icon-water-dust-resistant

    Improved water and dust resistance

    The new and improved flat panel detectors demonstrate Ingress Protection (IP55) against dust and liquids. The unit structure is designed so the panel can be used anytime and anywhere in all environments.

  • automatic exposure detection

    Automatic Exposure Detection

    Equipped with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) functionality, in which the auto-detection mode of the detectors allows for X-rays to be automatically detected at exposure without the use of a typical generator interface.

  • High Sensitivity and Resolution

    High sensitivity and resolution for more accurate images

    The high-performance detector is designed to minimise detection errors caused by vibration and other factors during exposure standby. The automatic trimming system for the X-ray exposure area eliminates the need to adjust the image size manually before or after exposure, simplifying the imaging workflow.

  • Icon-Control-Software

    Canon CXDI Control Software NE

    Intuitive CXDI Control Software NE takes images in just 3 touches. Get high-res images and generator communication* for preset x-ray parameters provides patient dose info in the DICOM header. Its advanced image processing shows both trabecular bone structure & soft tissue in the same image.

User friendly and ergonomic design

The sleek and ergonomically designed panels are redesigned to be user-friendly for user and patient. The panels come with handgrips on all four sides, making them easy and comfortable to handle. The new CXDI series also has smooth and round corners for easy positioning and comfort for users and patients.

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CXDI-402C 702C Wireless Series
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