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IRISPowerscan: Canon's OCR software

Say goodbye to mind numbing data
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Say goodbye to mind numbing data


Save time. Improve accuracy

Ease the burden of paperwork and implement document scanning software that captures crucial business information and cleverly integrates them into your existing business systems with pin point accuracy.
The benefits will be felt almost immediately in both your workload and your hip pocket.

red tick No more manual handling

IRISPowerscan's OCR capability scans up to 10,000 documents (per computer, per day), and adjusts the image quality where required, sorts documents by type, then integrates the accurate data into your existing CRM/ERP systems.

red tick Remove the human errors and costs

IRISPowerscan uses advanced verification technology and user validation failsafe steps to ensure data is highly reliable before integrating them into your systems.

red tick Approvals made easy

By integrating into a workflow solution (such as Therefore) crucial information in scanned documents (such as signatories) are recognised.

red tick Reduce digital storage costs

Hyper compress your documents to save on digital storage costs, files can be compressed up to 50x their original size!

red tick Manage payment dates

By using up to date information extracted from your financial documents (such as invoices), you can manage your payment cycles to ensure you pay on time, or better yet, take full advantage of early payment options with suppliers.

red tick Don’t lose it over lost documents

IRISPowerscan captures and files your information where it can be easily accessed, so you never have to worry about lost documents again.
  • Capture information icon

    Capture information, no matter how you receive them

    Capture information from documents sent from almost any source: mail, files, email attachments or cloud services. Image adjustment tools will then take care of the image quality, colour, contrast etc.

  • Convert your PDF to work XML icon

    Create smart, durable files

    Convert your scans into fully editable and searchable files in up to 130 languages in formats such as PDF, Word and XML to name a few.

  • Indexing icon

    Easy indexing

    Once the type is known, it extracts key information for further processing. This may include contract details such as the contract number, relevant signatories and dollar amounts.

  • Export and go icon

    Export and go

    Use the extensive connection options to export your content to your business systems, third party applications and cloud services.

  • Document processing and fast sorting icon

    Fast sorting

    Using layout recognition technology, scanned documents are automatically classified by type, ready for processing. Documents can be recognised by barcode, patch code, OCR/ICR zones and more.

  • User validation icon

    Highly accurate

    Before exporting data to your systems, verification technology is used to ensure the information is highly reliable. User validation is made easy by tools like drag & drop and auto zooming.

Don’t let paperwork weigh you down

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork pile that ‘just needs to be entered into the system’ it’s time to hire a document assistant that will do all of the manual entry for you. Our powerful OCR software is the document scanning solution that will free you from painful data entry by extracting key data from your documents, which is integrated into your existing systems

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