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Printer firmware for TX-4000.

Update History

Modifications from Ver.1.11 to Ver.1.12
1. Failure correction of a function in monitoring service.

Modifications from Ver.1.10 to Ver.1.11
1. Correction related to enhancement of network security.
2. Correction of authentication failure when IEEE802.1X is enabled.
3. Correction of a failure in the remaining paper amount management system.
4. Correction of a communication failure due to IEEE802.1X authentication packet.
5. Correction of paper feed adjustment default value
When paper feed unevenness is occurring, update the Media Information File to the latest
version (Ver.02 or after) with Media Configuration Tool. Correct paper feed adjustment
value will be adopted. When the value is not corrected, perform paper feed adjustment with
the paper you are using.
6. The initial setting value of color mode set from the main unit operation panel is changed
from "perceptual" to "saturation."
Device setting>Print setting>
PDF print settings>Print quality settings>Color mode>Color (saturation)
JPEG print settings> Print quality settings>Color mode>Color (saturation)
HP-GL/2 print settings> Print quality settings>Color mode>Color (saturation)
Print from USB flash settings> Print quality settings>Color mode>Color (saturation)
Direct print settings from FTP>Print settings 1-4> Print quality settings>Color mode>
Color (saturation)

Modifications from Ver.1.03 to Ver.1.10
1. Print speed is accelerated in some of the combinations of paper type and print mode.

Modifications from Ver.1.02 to Ver.1.03
1. Improve convenience of production

System requirements

Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.

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