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Turning the Printer ON/OFF

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Turning the Printer ON


Do not turn the power ON immediately after turning it OFF. If you want to turn the printer ON again after turning it OFF, wait at least 10 seconds after turning the printer OFF before turning it ON again.
If the printer does not operate properly or an error message appears, see [When the Printer Does Not Operate Properly].
Be sure to set the paper cassette in the printer before you turn the power ON for the first time after you install the printer.
Although a sheet of blank paper is output when you turn the power ON for the first time after you install the printer, this is not an error.

1. Press "" of the power switch to turn the printer ON.

The indicators and display on the control panel come on, and the printer initiates a self-diagnostic test on the printer unit and optional accessories.

If no abnormality is found during the self-diagnostic test, the Online indicator, Ready indicator and Paper Source indicator for the currently selected paper source come on, ⋖00 READY⋗ appears in the display, and the printer is ready to print.

Turning the Printer OFF

Turn the printer OFF using the following procedure.


If the printer is connected to a network, make sure that other computers are not sending print data to the printer before turning the printer OFF.
If you turn the printer OFF when the Job indicator is on, all the print data remaining in the printer memory will be erased. If there is any necessary print data remaining in the printer, wait until it is output, or press [Reset] in the offline state and then select FORM FEED to output the data before turning the printer OFF.
Do not turn the power OFF when the printer is in any of the following status:

- During printing

- While the printer is running a self-diagnostic test immediately after turning the power ON

- While a message informing you that the NVRAM is being initialized or being written is displayed

- While the message ⋖02 WARMING UP⋗ is displayed

1. Make sure that the Job indicator is off.

2. Press "" of the power switch on the printer.

It is recommended that you shut down the printer before turning it OFF. (See [Shutting Down the Printer])

If you are using WSD, the shutdown notifies the computer that the printer is turned OFF.

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