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Product image of imagePRESS C10010VP
imagePRESS C10010VP Support
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Media Librarian V2.3.1.0

For Windows 10, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64 Updated 15 Oct 2021

Content Id: 0200538312

About the driver


This product is a paper management application suitable for print operators who manage a large number of paper types.
The following operations can be performed easily:
- Setting, registering, and searching paper types
- Assigning registered paper types to paper sources
- Favorites

Update History

1. The Sensing Unit-A1 is now supported.
2. The usability of creating/editing/adjusting paper types in the paper list has been improved.
1. Added [For Print Result Issues...] as Adjust Tips function
2. Added Various Adjust functions
1. Added support for the following functions:
-New Adjust Secondary Transfer Voltage function
-Adjust Image Position
-Adjust Fan Level for Paper Separation
2. Added support for multiple languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean)
1. Windows computer support
2. Adjust Secondary Transfer Voltage support
3. Adjust Saddle Stitch Fold Position and Change Fold/Stitch Position support
4. System manager authentication
1. Added support for POD Deck Lite XL-A1
2. Added support for 350 g/㎡ paper for imagePRESS C850 Series devices
3. Added support for multiple languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish)
1. Released

System requirements

[imagePRESS Server]
- imagePRESS Server H300 (Engine firmware (MN-CONT) is v38.01 or later)
- imagePRESS Server H300 V2.0
- imagePRESS Server B5100 (including any imagePRESS Server B5000 product that has been upgraded with the upgrade kit) for which the Engine firmware (MN-CONT) is v27.01 or later
- imagePRESS Server B4100 (including any imagePRESS Server B4000 product that has been upgraded with the upgrade kit) for which the Engine firmware (MN-CONT) is v27.01 or later
- imagePRESS Server G200
- imagePRESS Server B5000 (Engine firmware (MN-CONT) is v27.01 or later)
- imagePRESS Server B4000 (Engine firmware (MN-CONT) is v27.01 or later)
- imagePRESS Server F200 (products upgraded to the FS300 Pro system only)
- imagePRESS Server G250
- imagePRESS Server H350
- imagePRESS Server B7000
- imagePRESS Server B6000
- imagePRESS Server B7000 V2.0
- imagePRESS Server B6000 V2.0
- imagePRESS Server G250 V2.0
- imagePRESS Server H350 V2.0

Setup Instructions

1. Copy the Media Librarian zip file to the desktop of the Windows computer or print server.
2. Extract the compressed files from the zip file.
3. Double-click Setup.exe. Media Librarian installation will start.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen and specify the following:
- Media Librarian language
- Media Librarian install destination
- Desktop shortcut creation

File information

File Name :
File Type : AP
File Size : 6299380KB