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Product image of the Canon imageFORMULA DR M260 document scanner
imageFORMULA DR-M260 Support
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Firmware updater

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Update History

1.Bugs fix related to Long document
2.Support both current/new IC on reading unit

1.Improved scan start speed again.
2.Bugs fix

1.Improved scan start speed. Both the firmware Ver2.03 and the driver Ver1.1 SP1 need to be apllied for this improvements.
2.The processing speed of ATEII with 64bit driver will be improved.
3.Support network adapter "WA10".
4.Fixed a bug that the driver cannot output the outcome of the barcode/ 2D code information if the texts information are longer than 1,024 letters.
5.Fixed a bug of incorrect width information of PDF data.

Setup Instructions

NOTE: After upgrading to firmware version 1.24, it is best you
upgrade or have already upgraded the ISIS/TWAIN driver to the latest version.

Firmware Update Procedure:
Step 1: Turn on the DR-M260
Step 2: Activate DR-M260_FirmUpdaterMain(version#)
Step 3: Click [Yes] when the software licence agreement is displayed.
Step 4: Confirm the message that appears, read, then click [OK] to perform the version update.
Step 5: When the message appears to show that the firmware update is successfully completed, click [OK] to close the updater.
Step 6: Reboot the scanner and re-activate DR-M260_FirmUpdaterMain(version#) to make sure that the correct version number is displayed.


-Please do not turn off the scanner while updating firmware.
-Please make sure to close all other activated application software while updating firmware.
-Please save the installer directly on hard disk of your computer and start activating.
-It is recommended to turn off the screen saver and low power mode setting while updating firmware.

File information

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