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Picture Style Editor 1.14.10 Updater for Mac OS X

For Mac OS X v10.7 Updated 01 Jan 0001 24 Sep 2015

Content Id: 0200361503

About the driver

You can edit Picture Styles and create and save original Picture Style files.

Please refer to the following instructions on how to download and install the software. 1. Download "pse1.14.10x-updater.dmg.zip" from the download page. Save the "pse1.14.10x-updater.dmg.zip" file to a folder of your preference on your computer. 2. Double-click the "pse1.14.10x-updater.dmg.zip" file. After the file is decompressed, the "pse1.14.10x-updater.dmg" file is created. 3. Double-click "pse1.14.10x-updater.dmg". After decompressing the file, the disk image "PSE1.14.10" will be mounted. 4. Double-click the "PSE1.14.10X_updater" file in the auto-mounted disk image "PSE1.14.10". 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. 6. If the installation is completed properly, the downloaded file will not be necessary.

To apply the Picture Style files you created to RAW images, please use the latest version of Digital Photo Professional. Also, to apply Picture Style files to EOS cameras, please use the latest version EOS Utility. The updater for each software can be downloaded separately. - If you are using Mac OS X 10.6, use [Picture Style Editor 1.13.30].