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Ink absorber full

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When the message "Ink absorber full. Contact the service center for replacement." is displayed, the ink absorber requires the replacement. However, it cannot be replaced by yourself.

Push the power button to turn OFF the printer, and then contact the service center for replacement.

Request for a repair service

Request either Canon or the dealer you purchased the machine for a repair service.

Cause and solution

What is "ink absorber" ?

Ink absorber absorbs the ink used when Cleaning is executed.

In order to maintain the best printing, the ink used when Cleaning is absorbed into the ink absorber inside the printer. The ink absorber requires the replacement when it is full. However, it cannot be replaced by yourself. Therefore, when the message is displayed, we recommend that you contact the service center as quickly as possible.

Cause and solution

Precautions for using or moving the printer

If the printer is upright or tilted, it may be damaged, or the ink may leak from the main unit of the printer. When you move the printer for repair, do not tilt the printer.

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