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Product image of CR-N500 remote camera
Remote Camera CR-N500 Support
Drivers & downloads

Remote Camera Control Application Ver. 1.1.0

For Windows 10 x64 Updated 30 Jul 2021

Content Id: 0200642202

About the driver


This software is used for operating while watching the image of the remote camera.


Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following changes:
- Able to now specify desired [Time] or Speed Level] for Pan/Tilt/Zoom operations when calling presets.
- Able to now stop a preset operation by the [Stop] button.

Installation Instructions
Refer to the instructions for installing the Remote Camera Control application.

- RemoteCameraControlApplicationSetup-v110.exe

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties. The details are available in the download: Readme-E.txt. The Third-party Software License (ThirdPartySoftware-E.pdf) and the license conditions are available in the OpenSource Folder which is inside the LICENSE folder.

System requirements

Windows 10 64-bit

Setup Instructions

1. Download the file to any folder.
2. Right-click the zip file, and then select Extract All to extract the file.
3. For details on how to use the Sample pages, please refer to the files in the doc. folder which were unzipped in the previous step.


- Read the Readme file or the User Guide for this software before using. Important notes and restrictions regarding this software are contained therein.
- Update the camera to the latest firmware.

File information

File Name :
File Type : AP
File Size : 73966148KB