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A warning screen "Overheated! Shutting down." has shown up. (PowerShot G7 X Mark III)

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When you see the warning "Overheated! Shutting down." try these steps in the order below.

1.Check the [Date/Time/Zone] is set.

Set the current date, time, and zone correctly if the [Date/Time/Zone] screen is displayed when you turn the camera on.

When the setting is completed, please proceed to step 2.


The date/time/zone setting is required for proper camera temperature control.
When [Date/Time/Zone] is set, the temperature warning is displayed properly.

2. When the [Date/Time/Zone] is already set, turn your camera off and wait for at least 5 minutes.

Turn off the camera and wait for at least 20 minutes in order to shoot 4K movie up to 9 minutes 59 seconds and High frame rate movie up to 7 minutes 29 seconds.

(Depending on the shooting environment and operating conditions, the actual shooting time may be shorter than the times specified above).

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