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EOS M3 Firmware Update, Version 1.2.1 [Windows]

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Firmware Version 1.2.1 incorporates the following fix:

1. Corrects a PTP communications vulnerability.

Firmware Version 1.2.1 is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.2.0. If the camera's firmware is already Version 1.2.1, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

When updating the firmware of the camera, please review the instructions thoroughly before you download the firmware.

Preparations for a firmware update:
After the downloaded compressed file (.zip) is extracted, a firmware folder is created.

*Extracting the downloaded file:
Right-click the zip file, and then select Extract All to extract the file.

The extracted folder contains the firmware (File name: M3_121.FI2, File size: 10,283,104 bytes) and instructions on the firmware update procedures (a PDF file in five languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese).

Before starting the firmware update operations, please confirm the contents of the download, and carefully read through the firmware update procedures.

(The following is the history of past firmware updates)
Changes in Version 1.2.0:
Support for the new Electronic Viewfinder EVF-DC2 has been added.

Changes in Version 1.1.0:
Improves the autofocus speed for movie when the EF-M 28mm F3.5 IS STM is attached to the EOS M3.

Changes in Version 1.0.1:
Improves the autofocus speed of an EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM attached to the EOS M3.
* To mount the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM to the EOS M3, the mount adapter EF-EOS M is required.

File information

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File Type : FA
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