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How to reduce the gloss of printed images (SELPHY CP910)

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By adding a subtle texture to the surface of prints, you can create a less glossy finish.

Glossy (default) : Prints with a glossy surface finish.

Pattern 1 : Applies a slightly rough surface pattern, for a less glossy finish.

Pattern 2 : Applies a fine surface pattern, for a less glossy finish.

1. Press the MENU button ⋖⋗, select [Change Settings], and then press the ⋖OK⋗ button.

2. Select the [Print Finish].

Press the ⋖⋗⋖⋗ buttons to select [Print Finish].
Press the ⋖⋗⋖⋗ buttons to select the desired option ([Glossy (default)], [Pattern 1], or [Pattern 2]).
Press the ⋖⋗ button to return to the image display screen.

3. Print.

Select the images and the number of prints, and then press the ⋖⋗ button to print.


The surface finish may be less noticeable depending on the printer’s internal temperature when you turn it on. Before turning on the printer and printing, wait until it has adjusted to an ambient temperature of 10 – 35 °C (50 – 95 °F).


Turning off SELPHY will restore the default setting of [Glossy].
You can have SELPHY retain configured settings even after being turned off. With SELPHY off, hold down the MENU button ⋖⋗,⋖⋗,⋖⋗, and then hold down the ⋖⋗ button until "SELPHY" is displayed. If you prefer SELPHY not to retain configured settings, repeat this procedure after turning SELPHY off. This procedure also determines whether SELPHY retains [Page Layout] settings when turned off.

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