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[Windows 32bit & 64bit] AddressBook Tool Ver.

For Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 Updated 01 Jan 0001

Content Id: 0200529205

About the driver


This product is software for importing/exporting address book information via USB.

Setup Instructions

Drivers and applications are compressed.
Download the file.

* When clicking [Run] on the file download screen (file is not saved to disk)
1. If the User Account Control prompt is displayed, click [Yes], and then click [Run] on the subsequent Security Alert screen.

* When clicking [Save] on the file download screen (file is saved to disk at specified location)
1. To download files, click the file link, select [Save], and specify the directory where you want to save the file.The download will start automatically.
2. Downloaded files are saved in the specified folder in a self-extracting format (.exe format).
3. Double-click the files to decompress them. A new folder will be created in the same folder.The new folder will have the same name as the compressed file.
4. Double click [AddressBookTool.exe], and then follow the instructions on the screen.

File information

File Name : AddressBookTool1151Winmulti.exe
File Type : AP
File Size : 1134688KB