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Saving images to CD-R/CD-RW discs with ZoomBrowser EX 6.x

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To perform this operation, [ZoomBrowser EX 6.x] needs to be installed or updated beforehand.
In this section, Windows 7 and [ZoomBrowser EX 6.6] are used as an example to explain the operations. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, the on-screen displays and procedures may differ.
It is not possible to save images to DVD-R/DVD-RW discs with this function.
This function can only be used with a computer that satisfies the system requirements below.

- Equipped with a CD-R/RW drive.

- The CD-R/RW drive works normally in Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.

1. Place a CD-R / RW disc in the CD-R / RW drive. If a window like the one below appears, click () or [Cancel] to close this screen.

2. Double-click the [ZoomBrowser EX] shortcut icon on your desktop to start [ZoomBrowser EX].

If you cannot find the [ZoomBrowser EX] shortcut icon on your desktop, click [Start] () ⋗ [All Programs] or [Programs] ⋗ [Canon Utilities] ⋗ [ZoomBrowser EX] and select [ZoomBrowser EX] to start [ZoomBrowser EX].

3. The following window appears.

Click [Export].

4. The following window appears.

From the items listed in the menu, click [Backup to CD].

5. The following window appears.

Select either [Favorite Folders] or [All Folders], and select the folder that contains the images to save the CD-R / RW disc. Images exported to [ZoomBrowser EX] are usually saved in [Pictures] or [My Pictures] folder.

Click the image-selection button (), and select [Select All].

If you wish to select individual images to record to the CD-R / RW disc, click the images while holding the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard.

After selecting the images to save to the CD-R / RW disc, click [Specify Backup Settings].

6. The following window appears.

Select the CD-R / RW drive connected to the PC.

Enter a CD title (the title can be anything you like).

Usually you can use the setting [Fastest]. If the [Speed] is slower, the chances of failure to write to the CD-R / RW disc are lower.

Click [Start Backup].

7. The following window appears.

8. The following window appears when writing is completed.

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