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imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 Firmware Ver.2.19(Need "Firmware Update Tool" to upgrade)

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Printer firmware for PRO-6000.

Update History

Modifications from Ver.2.17 to Ver.2.19
1.Correction of failure where the printer restarts when Remote UI-connected via a certain browser
2.Correction of failure that occurs when connecting to an access point in the WPA3-Personal Transition Mode

Modifications from Ver.2.16 to Ver.2.17
1.Correction of the failure that occurs in job transfer with PowerShell.

Modifications from Ver.2.15 to Ver.2.16
1. Change of the control system related to the remote monitoring.

Modifications from Ver.2.14 to Ver.2.15
1. Improvement of ink level detection

Modifications from Ver.2.11 to Ver.2.14
1. Correction of the failure which related to roll paper replacement sequence
The failure which disables roll paper replacement when paper setting mismatch was detected or paper run out during printing with using remaining roll paper monitoring system will be corrected

Modifications from Ver.2.09 to Ver.2.11
1. Support route certificate updating of remote monitoring service.
2. Modify USB printing (direct printing) related failure.

Modifications from Ver.2.07 to Ver.2.09
1.Optimization of operation in ink supplying.

Modifications from Ver.2.02 to Ver.2.07
1. Failure correction of a function in monitoring service.

Modifications from Ver.2.01 to Ver.2.02
i. Correction related to enhancement of network security.
ii. Correction of authentication failure when IEEE802.1X is enabled.
iii. Correction of a failure in the remaining paper amount management system.
iv. Correction of a failure that occurs when updating firmware.
v. Correction of a communication failure due to IEEE802.1X authentication packet.

Modifications from Ver.1.17 to Ver.2.01
1. Modification of paper feed adjustment failure occurs in some of the paper types.
2. Modification of the recovery failure from sleep mode in rare case when connecting with 10BASE-T.
3. Improvement of operability in using take-up mode.
4. Correction of the display timing of the indication for low ink level, "!".
5. Optimization of detecting the sub chip connection error (Error Code:EC51-3301) that occurs in start up in rare case.
6. Modification of the roll paper end detection error that occurs in rare case.
7. Printing with using AirPrint is supported. (For how to use, see the online manual.)

Modifications from Ver.1.14 to Ver.1.17
1. Optimization of paper size when adjusting print head position.
2. The change of the number of IPP support users.
3. Correction of the failure that the option roll unit data is not applied properly.
4. Correction of the failure that disables recovering from sleep is corrected.
5. Correction of the failure that occurs in rare case when the ink level is low.
6. Correction of the failure that occurs when using Mac driver.

Modifications from Ver.1.10 to Ver.1.14
1. Correction of the failure that occurs in direct printing in rare cases.
2. Correction of panel message that is displayed at paper feeding.
3. Correction of error lighting after installation in rare cases.
4. Correction of warning lighting error in printing in rare cases.
5. Correction of time difference in automatic registration adjustment by paper size.
6. Correction of inappropriate detection of remaining paper amount at the start of the printing.
7. The control of waste ink has been improved.

Modifications from Ver.1.09 to Ver.1.10
1. Modification of the failure that the language selected in the initial installation is displayed in a different language on the panel.
(following is the languages that display in different languages)
French → German
German → French
Dutch → Portuguese
Portuguese → Dutch
Russian → Polish
Polish → Russian

Modifications from Ver.1.06 to Ver.1.09
1. Modification of the failure that shutdown is performed despite of shutdown timer OFF.
2. Modification of failure that paper size is detected smaller than the actual size when printing.

Modifications from Ver.1.00 to Ver.1.06
1. Optimization of paper feed parameter as a countermeasure against paper feed failure that occurs at paper feeding in rare case.
2. Modification of the failure that the language selected in the initial installation is displayed in a different language on the panel.
3. Optimization of print control method when USB is connected.

System requirements

Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.

File information

File Name : PRO6000V0219.fdl
File Type : FA
File Size : 88399104KB